A Miraculous Story of Lost and Found

Miracles come in many ways….
I am SO full of gratitude because I experienced a HUGE miracle recently.
Before I dive in, I want to ask you:
Have you ever lost something that carried deep sentimental value or meaning?
Perhaps it was a meaningful symbol, a token or a treasure…
Something that was close to your heart…that brought you pure joy?
I have always had a fascination of hunting for treasure. I used to fantasize about diving for buried treasure with Jacques Cousteau.
So when I loose something special to me, I never give up hope because I feel there is always the potential for it to return.
Here is my story of Soul Playing with hope, gratitude, magic and miracles…

It was June 1st, 2014.  I had just finished facilitating a 4-day Awaken the Creator Within Retreat.  I was full of gratitude and felt honored to hold space for women to dive deeper into themselves and have insights, clarity and tools to take them higher on their soul’s journey.
I was so excited I decided to head to the ocean and attempt one of those “look how elated I am” jumping in the air photos.  Midway during my “celebratory jump” I felt my ring fly off my finger.  My feelings of joy and gratitude instantly shifted to those of panic and despair.
I spent the next hour wading in the waves (silk skirt & all) searching and praying that I would find the ONLY thing I had that my father gave my mother when I was 2 years old….a Hummingbird Ring.  Hummingbirds are both of my parent’s favorite bird and in some Native American cultures, Hummingbirds represent the energy medicine of joy.  I had worn the ring the last day of my retreat as a symbol of joy and gratitude for the work I am blessed to do in the world.

June 1st, 2014 ~ If you look closely, you can see the ring on my right hand already on it’s way out!
I feel it is easy to express gratitude when we feel happy and things are going well. But how do we play with gratitude when it feels so out of reach?  How do we share space with both?  I found myself reaching to dig deeper into Soul Play. In this circumstance, I had to allow myself to grieve the loss of this precious item and forgive myself for having worn it on a different finger than usual.   I played with all the “what if’s.”  It took me awhile, but by practicing my 5 Principles of Healing, I was able to get into a place of agreement that perhaps it was time for it to go and bless someone else.  Even though I still held onto a deep desire and longing that it would someday, somehow come back to me.  I also kept playing with surrendering and trusting and allowing the divine to lead. This was my way of soul playing with letting go and dancing with desire. All in the same breath.
How do you Soul Play with Gratitude?
*Honor all of your feelings
*Dance with desire & let go
*Practice Acceptance
*Invite grace in
*Be joyful
*Be with what is
*Hold on to hope
*Don’t give up
*Create a gratitude list (what we focus on grows)
*Visualize your desired outcome
*Be open to Divine Intervention
Every time I went to the beach (which was weekly), I would “take a look” for my ring and let the divine know that I was open to a miracle.  I would approach the treasure hunters on the beach (you know the people that walk & wave that electronic device around)…giving them my name and number in case they found my Hummingbird Ring.  I was compelled to wade out into the water on the day of my birthday last month.  Treasure Hunter Jerry happened to have a GoPro with him and recorded me describing my ring that I had lost over 2 years ago.
The following week, I had just finished facilitating a Soul Play Immersion Experience at the same location that I lost my ring.  I walked down to the beach to close out my day and to express my gratitude for the opportunity to do my work with an amazing soul.  I felt the pang and longing to find my ring.
I surrendered to the fact that it was gone and said another prayer that it would someday come to me.
I arrived home to an email about an hour later…in the subject line it read HUMMINBGIRD RING.  A man named Gary had seen my plea on GoPro Jerry’s YouTube Channel. He had found my ring over 2 years ago (July 18th , 2014). Talk about pure magic!  I was overcome with so much joy…partly because my ring had come back to me and mostly because of the renewed sense of faith I experienced…the type where you feel the divine in every cell of your being.
My Treasure Hunter Heroes!
Jerry, Myself & Gary
This Hummingbird “moment” was life changing for me. This experience has taught me that when I can Soul Play with gratitude and be with “what is”, it can bring about magical synchronicities.  I learned that we get answers when we keep ourselves open to the possibilities.  It made me realize that perhaps I need to play more on a daily basis with allowing the unfolding of grace and miracles in my life.   I now know on the deepest level that I really am not in charge.  There is a bigger plan if I can open to it and it’s important to honor my feelings along the way.
I was curious to see what was going on in my life on July 18th, 2014…the day Gary found my Hummingbird ring.  I looked through my old journals and this is what I wrote on that day:
What are the chances on the same day a stranger had the excitement and joy of finding a treasure, MY treasure, I had written in my journal “I desire a miracle!”
A true sign of sacredness, synchronicity, grace and magic!
How can you Soul Play with gratitude when it feels out of reach?
How can you can dance between desire and letting go?
How can you get to a place of lasting gratitude that does not depend on outside circumstances?
How can you open deeper and allow grace and magic to bless you?
Grateful for each & everyone one of you!
To grace, magic and miracles,

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