Soul Playing with Change

Quite frankly, I have never done very well with change.  Since I was a young girl, I remember my mom telling me “One thing you can count on in life is things change.”
As much as I can desire change and welcome it, I am still amazed at how challenging it can be for me.  I have thought about this thing called change quite a bit, as I desire to make some different choices in my lifestyle.  Presently I want to get to bed earlier a few times a week, create more time to write in the morning and get back to making healthier choices around food (I have been on a “carb kick” lately).  It sounds so easy right?  Yet day after day I find myself still doing the same things.

I have been Soul Playing with what makes change such a struggle?  For one thing I am a planner by nature.  If others make changes on me at the last minute I often have to readjust and course correct.  It is just my nature and I accept that.
But there are also old patterns and beliefs involved here.  I spend my days in my healing practice assisting others in making subtle inner changes on a deep cellular level and I love it.  When you change your inner world, your outer world changes.
For example, I know I need more support yet it is difficult for me to delegate.  I am sure some of you can relate…the old “it’s easier to do it myself….blah, blah, blah.”  But the truth is, the initial change of handing things over may feel difficult, yet in the long run I will have a deeper sense of freedom and time to focus on what my heart really desires.  And that brings more joy, fun and play into my life!
The bottom line for me is that CHANGE IS A CHOICE.  The truth is our power lies in every choice we make.  And many times making a choice to change and then actually taking the inspired action to do so can feel terrifying and numbing.  Change can be scary and it can also be very empowering.
I had the opportunity this past week to truly Soul Play with change.  I found myself staring out my bedroom window having to make a very important decision as Hurricane Matthew was heading our way.  I was running out of time.  Do I stay or evacuate?  I had originally decided to stay but I live on a barrier island and Matthew had turned into a Category 4 storm.  We were being told “this storm surge can kill you.”
For those of you that read my newsletter last month, I shared that I was born during a Category 4 Hurricane.  Being a Floridian, I have been through many Hurricanes.   Even though initially I didn’t have a bad feeling about this one, I had made a commitment to myself many years ago that I wouldn’t stay behind to protect my property in anything above a Category 2  (it is also exhausting on all levels to prepare, evacuate, etc…).   As much as I resisted evacuating, I knew internally (in my body, my intuition) I had to make the choice to leave.
There doesn’t have to be a hurricane to inspire change.  It can simply be a rumbling feeling within.  A churning of discomfort… a deeper knowing that something has to shift in order for us to be truly happy and live a more authentic life.  A sign that change is on the horizon is that we feel scared.  On some level we know that making a different choice can change everything.  That is what can make change scary and difficult.  That is why I know that allowing your soul to play with change actually changes everything!
Many times I find myself pleasantly surprised at the outcome of change.  I have grown to be more gentle with myself and chuckle at how hard I still try to hold on.  The truth is, I am really only “in charge” to a very small extent.  Hurricane Matthew taught me a lot.  I had no idea which direction or path that storm would take… could change in an instant.   It allowed me to play with all parts of myself…my prepared Girl Scout, my inner perfectionist, the stubborn procrastinator, my control freak, my safety patrol, my inner wisdom and my higher self.
I was able to get to safer ground inside and out, and ride out the unknown.  I got to feel what it was like to truly surrender, to open up and make room for right action to take place.  One thing I now know…no matter what comes when playing with change, there is, eventually always a calm after a storm.
Fortunately we were really lucky and made it through the storm okay. My heart goes out to all those who lost so much- their homes, their pets, and even family members. I ask that you please take a moment and send prayers and blessings to all the people whose lives were forever changed by Hurricane Matthew.
So how do you Soul Play with Change?
*Feel into your intuition/the wisdom of your body & listen to your inner voice
*Open to the change you desire/need to make in the moment
*Play with getting comfortable with any discomfort or resistance that arises
*Take several deep breaths
*Deepen your self-care practices (take a bath, meditate, etc.)
*Move your fear-based emotions out of your body (walk, bike, dance, scream underwater, etc.)
*Talk it out with someone
*Make a list of inspired/empowered baby action steps (baby steps=leap)
*Empower yourself by choosing one thing you can do to make friends with change
*Elicit an accountability partner who will celebrate & witness your efforts
*Shift your attitude of wanting it to be a certain way & play with the outcome
*Surrender ~ do your best to allow what wants to come forth to happen
*Practice the art of acceptance
*Be open to the calm and magic that eventually comes with change
What changes do you want to Soul Play with?
What choices do you need to make?
What changes are you afraid to make?
What changes could you get really excited about?
Remember….Change is a choice.
Empower yourself and choose today!
Playfully yours,

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