Gratitude And Chaos Can Coexist

The practice of gratitude is a spiritual practice for me. It brings more calmness.  More peace. And it helps me know that I have my own back especially in challenging moments.  It is much more than making a list—although that can be helpful—because let’s face it, we can often end up focusing on what doesn’t feel right and impact our own joy by trying so hard to feel more positive!

Practicing gratitude can also mean looking at your triggers, processing old emotions, shifting limiting beliefs and healing your heart.  

When choosing gratitude, you are watering and fertilizing the good in your life. 

I have found a way to embody the practice of gratitude and I know how to hold a state of gratitude in the midst of chaos. Yes, these energies can coexist.  It is now a part of me and the way I live my life. It feels easy and natural and I want this for you too!

I love helping others through the difficult times in their lives.  Through my decades of supporting people on their healing journey, I guide them through their hardships and challenges in a way that is uplifting vs. heavy lifting. 

I asked a few clients of mine who’ve been working with me every month for over 12 years, “what has them coming back?”  They told me that our work together helps them process their challenges and have more clarity and get back to themselves. And from this place they can live from a space of more joy and gratitude.

We all need support.  I would be honored and delighted to be the one to support you!

In gratitude,

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