About the Birth of My Work


In 2007, I was invited to open a practice in New York City and from there I expanded throughout the United States, Canada & Internationally (serving clients in Ireland, Austria, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg & Italy).

In working extensively with clients in my healing practice, I developed my own principles and modality (“Melanie’s 5 Principles of Healing”)  combining my experience, education, scientific & medical background.

I discovered that as I healed myself, I turned into being a healer in quite a unique way.

I’ve been called a “Healer to Healers” and a “Soul Purpose Guide” because I assist you in your soul remembering who you are and help you to live in your full “soul expression.

My tribe calls me Magical Mermaid Medicine Woman.

People often say they see me as a Mermaid. My mom body surfed when she was pregnant with me and I have lived near the ocean most of my life. I’ve been told I have a powerful, yet peaceful and calm energy and am able to hold a vast, nurturing and safe healing space like a Medicine woman.


AboutSoulPlayCollageI truly believe the saying “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”…..we are having a spiritual experience in a human body.

Our souls came here to have this experience.

So once we witness and release what is no longer serving us (or has already served us), it’s is like WOW! This is what I came here to do!

Our authentic self is revealed. We have the realization that “I chose something”….my soul chose to come here & “do” something that only I am able to…a special unique way to be of service in the world. A purpose that resembles a fingerprint/soul print or a snowflake. My soul’s way of shining it’s light in the world and express my true essence….my authentic self.

When we are all living our life’s purpose it brings a level of consciousness and joy that lights up the world!

One of the reasons I have loved working with children is they have this innocence and sense of adventure. Imagine if we were all living and working from our hearts, and woke up every morning feeling like…

“WOW, I LOVE MY LIFE!” Who can I serve today? How does my soul desire to play?

And that is what my work is about….remembering, uncovering, unleashing that adventurous child within.

This is my Soul Play!

A soul at play is healing…

We heal by releasing the cellular imprinting (the trauma, past experiences (soma) stored in our cells).

From this place we experience life with open hearted magic & joy!

It’s not just “self remembering”…..it’s “soul remembering.”

I feel excited, uplifted, grounded, inspired, exalted while I am working with people. This is my free space. How I came to be of service.

I love my work ~ I live my passion ~ I know my soul’s purpose AND I love being of service sharing my gifts with the world.


This is an excerpt I love from my Soul Print Mayan Sun Sign reading:

fireMelanie“Melanie embodies the qualities of the magical divine child.

She can be playful & full of different perspectives and delightful surprises. Spontaneity, humor, artistry, and disarming transparency are all part of her bag of tricks.

Melanie embodies the energy that is “the streamer from the heart of joy” that weaves itself through the fabric of life in these times when the only certainty is uncertainty and change.

One of the gifts that Melanie brings to herself and others is the ability to break down structures and old ways of doing things that are no longer working, and re-create something new and better in its place.

Another important quality for Melanie is the innocence and magic of the present moment. By allowing herself to be present with what IS, she is able to see more than if she was projecting her preferences onto life and others.

Melanie has a gift for pulling together many seemingly unconnected pieces, ingredients and facets and weaving them together into a cohesive and beautiful new creation. The end result is nearly always surprising and fun.

The new creation exudes joy.

The bottom line for Melanie is making the parts of life many would make tedious (perhaps personal growth or spiritual development) into a fun adventure that is more like play. By taking this approach, Melanie makes new connections where the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts and fun is experienced by all.”