Waves + Raves for Melanie Ericksen


CharisseRaves “My sessions with Melanie are nothing short of miraculous. During the sessions, I feel held and witnessed. All of my spirit guides and angels are called forth and Melanie helps us collaborate on whatever wants to emerge — and often it’s not what I think it will be. After our sessions, Melanie gives me the list of Soul Play — practical ways to practice and ground the new insights I’ve gained. And the insights — WOW! It feels like transformation on overdrive. Sometimes they are validating what I already intuitively know, and other times they seem to pop up without warning in perfect timing. Tangible outcomes have occurred with my business, my relationships, my health, and my overall well-being. It’s time and money well spent.”

Charrise McCrorey, Founder & CEO, Coach Charrise

ChristianeRaves “Melanie Ericksen is an extraordinary healer. I have worked with her numerous times both in person and over the phone. She has helped me get through some really difficult times both emotionally and physically. Luckily for the world, her phone sessions are just as powerful (and possibly more so) than those that are face to face. Which means that it’s possible for anyone in the world to have the gift of a session with Melanie. She has the ability to pinpoint the energetic imbalances in the body and then, with great insight and compassion, help the client shift toward greater health and freedom. For those who are ready to truly flourish on all levels, there is no better resource than Melanie. I can’t recommend her work highly enough.”~ Christiane Northrup, MD, Best Selling Author: Goddesses Never Age; Beautiful Girl; The Wisdom of Menopause; Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom; The Secret Pleasures of Menopause; Mother-Daughter Wisdom.
BarbaraRaves “I’ve been working with Melanie for years and one thing I can count on, I see changes almost immediately. I don’t know how she does it, but whatever is bothering me, whatever issue has me stuck or in discomfort, literally disappears by the next day. I have no doubt in my mind…Melanie is the real deal! She is such an extraordinary healer. She’s worked miracles in my life!”~ Barbara Stanny, The Leading Authority on Women & Money, Author of Sacred Success; Prince Charming Isn’t Coming; Secrets of Six-Figure Women; Overcoming Underearning
KateNRave “Melanie is an energetic miracle worker. Every time I work with her I feel a physical difference. Every cell feels lighter and more clear. I feel less bogged down, less foggy and more able to move through life without the weight of emotional and spiritual baggage.Melanie helps me keep it light and right!”

~ Kate Northrup, bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

lissaRaves “When I was in NY for the BlogHer conference, I had a session with energy healer Melanie Ericksen because literally- she showed up on my radar 3 times in 24 hours. It ROCKED! Totally unstuck some sticky stuff I just hadn’t let go of, and I’m booked to see her again when I’m back in NY for my book tour. So DO IT, if you feel compelled. She was wonderful and powerful and nurturing and loving.”~ Lissa Rankin, MD ~ Author of Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure
RichardRaves “I meet Melanie in 2001 during a personal growth workshop. She held my head and I became a “regular” touch client for the next nine years. This work supported a deep transformation in my life. Melanie is a friend and confidant. We share a passion for personal growth and interpersonal connection. Melanie shared her soul play treatment with me. I’m over the top, literally. My opening and awareness of my soul’s desire and psychic bonds holding me back, broke open with a flood of joy, love and action. My life continues to unfold with a richness in my spiritual practice, the knowledge that I am loved and deepening connection and truth in all my relationships. Melanie is the real deal. I am blessed to experience her healing aura and now her gifts of energy shifting and soul discovery. I am blessed and in deep gratitude.”~ Richard Cahall, Retired Accountant | Seattle, Washington
betsyRaves “A session with Melanie Ericksen reconnected me to remembering the person I was born to become. We worked over the phone and I felt a HUGE sense of relief and shift in energy right away. I went from feeling stuck to choosing to come out of my cocoon and fly. She is truly a soul whisperer.”~ Betsy Blankenbaker, Author of Autobiography of An Orgasm
rochelleschieckbiophoto “The energy healing session I had with Melanie was powerful and insightful, deep and revelatory and filled with compassion and love as she ushered me into the next phase of my remembering and honoring the truth in my heart. However, the magic that I will never forget is that within a half an hour of my session with Melanie on the very topic we had been working on, I was given an opportunity to face the old situation in a new way and honor my new learning. It was one of the most profound healings I’ve experienced. The safety of the sacred space she holds and integrity with which she honors the divine are a pillar of trust that I have in my life. I feel so much peace in my heart knowing I can go to her when I need. I wish that relaxation for being held for you too. With gratitude, Rochelle”~ Rochelle Schieck, Creator of Qoya
ChristineBRaves “Melanie’s one on one sessions and retreats are magical, moving and profound. Melanie’s work takes you on a journey deep within, where the healer and creator awaits. Thank you for leading me on the most important journey ~ the journey within.” Since working with you I feel like I have taken years off my life. I feel ageless and timeless, and light and free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”~ Christine Burke, Artist, Author of A Dream Inside
MaiRaves “Melanie is an incredibly gifted, compassionate, intuitive and insightful healer. Working with her over the last few years has transformed me into the authenticity and joy I’m now living! She’s a true healer in every sense of the word, and her work is so profound, I recommend her work every chance I get!”~ Mai Yee, Dancer and Teacher, New York
DanaFLRaves “Melanie’s Awaken the Healer Within Retreat was a truly magical experience filled with powerful healing, beautiful connection, soul replenishing beach time, and life changing tools. I left feeling a deeper sense of empowerment and connection to myself, my retreat sisters, and the divine healer within all of us. I am forever grateful to Melanie for imparting her wisdom and unique healing process. Thank you!”~ Dana Murphy, Qoya Teacher, FL
ClaireRaves “A very amazing and gifted yoga teacher/friend referred me to Melanie following a conversation about my inexplicable and persistent lower back pain. She described Melanie as a “cranio sacral healer” and “special.” Little did I know what that meant! Meeting and working with Melanie has been a powerful and transformative experience. Like a modern day shaman, she brings soooooo many talents to her healing sessions – her razor sharp intuition, her spiritual connection with a higher good, her miraculously healing hands, not to mention her huge and warm heart – and hones in on core issues you weren’t even aware were holding you back/causing deep emotional and/or physical pain. Melanie shined a spotlight on the very roots of my deepest/buried/hidden traumas and in so doing my journey back begins. She guided and supported me every step of the way in the most loving way possible.”~ Claire Coghlan, Author ~ CA
AmyBNewRave “Working with Melanie is like walking through a field of colorful freshly blooming flowers after a long winter indoors. She has helped me awaken a playful, confident, light hearted side of myself that I didn’t even know I lost.”~ Amy Baker, Mother and Founder of Amy Lila/Live Playfully, Idaho
innaRaves “There is no way to even measure the impact on my growth you have been supporting me through. I think I will be grateful for the next of bazillion lifetimes. Just. So. Full. With. Gratitude for knowing you. Love forever.”~ Inna Shapkina, NY
DavidRaves “When she works on you, she steps aside and the Divine steps in.”~ David A. Cronin, Changing Times Books & Gifts
JaneWRaves “Melanie’s deep intuition guides her healing hands to the exact place that heals the physical body, while miraculously bringing psychological and spiritual insight to the underlying cause.”~ Jane Wyker, Family Counselor and Author
TaraRaves “Working with Melanie is pure bliss. She has the unique ability to listen and intuit one ‘s soul’s whisperings. She has helped guide me back “home” to a place of authenticity and joy. I am grateful for our partnership and commitment to this important work.”~ Tara Dixon (mother, artist and gratitude enthusiast)
JudithPRaves “Melanie combines healing touch and spiritual intuition to tune into the craniosacral system. My session with her interrupted a pathway of stress and tension that was manifested in anger, food binging, self loathing and distress. After only one session with Melanie the anger and distress was emptied out, leaving a sense of spiritual connection and intuitive thought. I highly recommend a series of sessions with Melanie, particularly if you are feeling stuck and immobile. She and Spirit will move you to freedom!”~ Judith Pepper, TX, Author of The Age of Sage / Womantras
JillMRaves “I could never thank you enough for the session we did Saturday…I feel a million times better and you helped me understand and reframe stuff I’ve known intellectually for years but was finally able to ‘get it’ in a way that I could work with it and shift it. Your insights about my inner child part and my teenage part are so spot on – I have been working with both of them and feel much calmer and peaceful. I can feel myself creating new neural pathways of self love! Awesome! Thanks and LOVE.”~ Jill Martin, Founder of Kind Eyes
DeniseRaves “Your forgiveness work on our last call has had a profound impact on me. This was such an important step that years of therapy and my own work were not healing. Thank you, my Mermaid Goddess! Your work has helped so many beautiful things come my way, and I feel so worthy. You had so many wonderful comments from each of us who’ve had the pleasure to work with you.”~ Denise Polt, CA
YesimRaves “Melanie is real magic. She has this unbelievable healing and calming energy. The ‘Awaken the Healer Within’ retreat really does what it says…it awakens you & the healer within!”~ Yesim Banu, Istanbul/Turkey, Healer
jenniferjraves “I’m a single mom. A survivor of the worst two years of my life; an international custody battle. Melanie’s work not only saved my life, it ignited my soul & changed my DNA. She has taught me to play full out and enjoy my life like I’ve never experienced before. I am grateful for her work, as its created a happy mama in me and I now get to teach my daughter to soul play. Melanie’s work is the most valuable life tool and healing experience I’ve ever researched in my 44 years. I can honestly say I have stepped into my dream life!”~ Jennifer Jiruska, Mother & Entrepreneur
CHookRaves “Melanie is blessed with an extraordinary capacity to transform the lives of women through her unique and powerful approach to healing. In my personal experiences with her, she has always proven to be a gentle weaver of magic.”~ Christine Hook, Counselor/Coach
“Melanie’s work is amazing! After being on a 10 year healing journey, I have made significant progress since I have started with Melanie three months ago. During each session she discovers something brilliant, and somehow afterwards it is easy to shift, does not feel like “work” to do. It is as if she shifts it for me and it is just done! My disease (ulcerative colitis) has improved a lot since implementing some changes that were discussed. Melanie is very wise and perceptive and understands so much about me and my life and my relationship in just 60 minute sessions!”~ Tanya B., NYC
“Melanie has opened portals for me to be myself. She helped source and identify and electrify the energy that has been moving, and continues to surge, in my body. She helped me connect to my heart and my deep Daddy wound which I am just now beginning to understand. She grounded me so that I could access an opening to my sensuality and helped me rewire so that, after thirteen years of anti-depressants, I stopped taking them. She is helping me own my power.”~ Jennifer Freeman, Lawyer, NYC
“Melanie zero’d in within seconds on some core issues and made it feel so matter of fact, normal. I have never felt more safe and had such trust in someone I barely knew. What an honor to have that experience.”~ Theresa Haney, NY
“Melanie went from upper limits to my outer potential. She touched things in me that I had no idea were there.”~ Pepi Diaz, NY
“Well I have to say that was an intense experience! I am grateful because the chronic pain in my neck, shoulder, jaw, back of my head is pretty much gone! Also, last night was the first night I have slept more than 4-5 hours in…I can’t even remember. I probably got 7 hours of sleep last night! I’ll look forward to working with you again.”~ Jenna W.
“Once again, totally pain free surgery.The doctors and nurses are amazed. I’m not. My family are now believers, especially my daughter who has a masters in psychology and a nursing degree, and my son’s fiance’ with similar credentials. Thank you for your help and healing powers.”~ Larry P., NYC
“Last session was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced…Another change I noticed is I suddenly feel the goddess everywhere. This is quite new for me! And there’s a deepening in the joy I feel about things. I attribute all of this to that beautiful session with you. I wanted to let you know that since speaking with you my sleep has improved dramatically. And it’s deep, restorative sleep. I haven’t slept like this in years and years! I feel like my body is working to restore balance. This feels like an important shift. THANK YOU!”~ Jane R
“I have been working with Melanie for many years and highly recommend her healing sessions. Melanie is truly gifted in providing intuitive and inspiring wisdom, interspersed with input from spiritual guides. I have always experienced our time together as profound and magical. I trust Melanie with my deepest emotions and fears, knowing that her loving essence will help me clear negative blocks and shift in a positive way.”~ Laura D.
“I have been working with Melanie for over a decade. Her method is really magical for healing trauma, anxiety and stress. My monthly healing sessions help me clear the obstacles that come up so that I can do the work I’m meant to do in the world!”~ Tracy M.
“Working with Melanie’s style of healing is life changing in one session. Melanie’s intuition and body of work is comparable to several years of talk therapy condensed into one session spent with her. I’m in awe of how I feel and what I’ve moved through in my 1:1 Healing sessions. I feel so incredibly blessed to have found her and her work!”~ Jennifer J.