Is Perfectionism Exhausting You?

Are you tired from dealing with procrastination, clutter, busyness or perfectionism?
Are you frustrated because you keep showing up for your dreams and goals but you still feel stuck or blocked and can’t seem to get out of your own way?
As the end of the year is upon us, I have been taking personal inventory of the things I don’t want to carry forward into the new year ahead.  Perfectionism is a BIG one for me!  I am a naturally organized and detail-oriented person, yet I have this pattern of wearing myself out trying to get it right. Living from this place is exhausting and is one of the highest forms of self- sabotage. 
After being an energy healer for all of these years, I know that my perfectionist ways are amping up so that I can choose to do another layer of healing around this and let it go!
In order to feel happy and joyful on a regular basis and to live in alignment with your dreams and desires, it is SO important to let go of things that no longer serve you.
As Rumi teaches…”Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”
It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on, but it does take a lot of strength to let go. 
What happens when we let go?
We have more energy
We make room for the new
We relax into what is meant for us
We open to new opportunities
We have a deeper access to our creative juices
We experience more love, more joy, more abundance in every area of our lives.
If letting go is so amazing, beneficial and powerful, what keeps us holding on?
Outworn beliefs
Unfinished business
Unhealed past trauma
Since awareness is the first step to healing, I invite you to ask yourself and take a personal inventory:
What limiting beliefs do I need to release?
What has been a barrier to taking better care of myself?
What’s working?  What’s not working?
What is one thing you could let go of that could change everything?
Taking inventory on what is serving you and what is not, can dramatically shift your energy.  From this place you have the power, the choice to create a life that is full of magic and joy. 
If you don’t let your self be seen and witnessed, you can’t let go, you can’t heal.
I would be honored to witness you in letting go.

In the spirit of letting go,

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