Celebrating Through Soul Play

I am sending this out to you today in celebration of my birthday. Each year it comes around I see it as an opportunity to REBIRTH myself. To reflect on where I have been and where I desire to go. Today is especially magical because it is also a Full Moon/ Harvest Moon /Lunar Eclipse.

I want to begin today by sharing my birth story with you. With the type of healing work I do, I am always fascinated by how others came into the world. So much so, that I chose to specialize in CranioSacral Pediatrics and assisted in attending births at one time in my practice. (For more see ABOUT MELANIE).
Many moons ago today, I was literally induced into this world by the pressure of a Category 4 Hurricane. The day before I was born on a Navy Base in Florida, a few dozen tornadoes touched down in the area. My Mom was alone at home when she went into labor as Hurricane Donna was swirling around. The electricity was out….power lines down everywhere. She went knocking on doors until she found a woman who could drive her to the hospital. Until this day, my Mom can’t remember the woman’s name….only that she kept yelling at her to cross her legs. If not, I would have been born in the car!
There was a lot of chaos mixed in with celebration upon my arrival. I have been teased about being a force of nature and I have certainly had many opportunities in my life to practice soul playing through chaos to get to celebrating.
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I am very excited to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends, AND what is important to me at this time in my life is celebrating everyday. In such a full and hurried world, we are so busy “doing” that we don’t take the time to celebrate our accomplishments, our families or ourselves. Celebrating through Soul Play is an act of self love.
Celebrating Through Soul Play
I have made celebrating a practice by creating daily rituals. Here are some of my favorites:
*Taking a gratitude walk at the ocean (I saw dolphins jumping in the water this morning!)
*Dancing into my day to one of my favorite songs
*Calling a friend and sharing how I am feeling (the good & the not so good ~soul playing with embracing all of me)
*Buying fresh flowers
*Enjoying a nourishing treat
*Appreciating my accomplishments (I thank myself for all I do and for allowing myself to just be still)
*Getting together and celebrating with family and friends
A few weeks ago, I had the honor to witness and celebrate my Aunt at her dance competition. She started ballroom dancing after suffering several spinal fractures 11 years ago at age 70. She made a decision to be stronger than ever before. It brought tears to my eyes to watch her shine her light, share her joy and dazzle the crowd. At age 81, she took home Top Silver and Top Overall awards!
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My Aunt Dolly in her Norwegian Dress
Rebirth Through Soul Play
I recently had an experience that shook me to my core and required me to dance in a new direction (details on this at another time). I can honestly say that I feel like I am in the birth canal again….birthing a new me.
I am so grateful for the concept/consciousness of Soul Play. Now when challenges come up, where I might have wallowed in chaos, disappointment and pain, I am able to play with looking at my situation in a different light. I am able to play with celebrating the opportunities that are coming with these life experiences. To make choices that empower and support me in my REBIRTH.
So tonight I will be at the beach, basking under the glow of the Full Moon/Harvest Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Offering my gratitude….opening to new beginnings.
But first, I will find a quiet place to go within and immerse myself in the
I would be honored if you would join me! (REBIRTH RITUAL)
Lunar Rebirth Blessings,


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