The Joy of Soul Flow

What I have come to know about the art of living from my Soul’s Flow is that magic happens! You know the synchronistic type of magic that occurs that makes you smile to yourself ~ the kind that lights you up and brings with it a feeling of joy.

Soul Flow is all about living in the present moment, listening to your heart, and taking inspired action from this place. It’s about tapping into your intuition and following your inner guidance/your soul’s voice. It’s about letting go. It requires a willingness to surrender to what you think you should do, to letting the divine take the lead.


Recently my husband and I were in Minnesota and headed to downtown Minneapolis for a bite to eat. We missed our intended exit and decided to go another way. We ended up in the quaint town of Edina, where my mom was raised and I was conceived. I always say “you can’t make this stuff up.” Following our Soul Flow led me to my roots…it was a wow moment, a joyful experience, a magical unfolding.


I have been researching the art of Soul Flow since I discovered Soul Play. I found that they are intricately and intimately connected. Just like the cycles of nature. Living from the place of following my Soul Flow has become one of my spiritual practices. My motto has become “Whatever is easy and joyful, that is what I do.”


In the past, my days were mostly focused on my To Do list, figuring things out and getting things done. This often resulted in me feeling overwhelmed, tired, cranky, and unfulfilled. Guess what…we never get it all done!


I realized if I could play with being in the moment and feeling into what I was drawn to next, I was able to live from a place of flow and deeper joy. Living in my Soul Flow also has an element of surprise and serendipity.


How do I live Soul Flow in my daily life?
* Grounding into the present moment by breathing into my body
* Creating sacred space & setting an intention
* Morning ritual of writing in my journal
* Waiting to turn my phone and computer on until after 11:00 am
* Focusing on at least 1 thing I am grateful for in my life
* Moving my body daily (walking, biking, dancing, etc.)
* Playing with approaching my “To Do” list as a “To Be” list (following the flow
of what I am led to do)
* Speaking my truth
* Leaning into support vs. going it alone
* Eating the wholest foods possible (makes my body smile)


photo (1)
Artwork Created by Natalie Knight


My client Natalie owns a printing and marketing company, specializing in sales. During our 1:1 Healing Session the other day, she said ”when I am selling in flow with my soul, it’s easy and abundant. There is an ease about it. Living in Soul Flow in life is an intuitive knowing. It feels good, it feels right in vibration with the universe. When I’m not in it, I feel disjointed ~ like I’m fighting against myself. Things are harder than they should be.”


When I asked Natalie how she got back into her Soul Flow she said, “When I feel blocked or stuck, to get back to Soul Flow I breath, dance, take my shoes off and ground myself into the earth and move the energy through. I have a ritual practice of desires and gratitudes. I play with fully trusting the process of my life.”


Soul Flow is ignited by awareness, commitment, practice, trust, heart connection, listening & living from your soul’s voice. It is a practice…it is a choice….it becomes a habit, a ritual. The practice of Soul Flow brings one back into balance and assists us in living the most authentic life possible.


I invite you to create your own daily practices and live in the joy and magic of Soul Flow!


Playfully yours,


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