Melanie’s 5 Principles of Healing


*Find a quiet place
*Set an intention for what you desire during this time
(Example: To be open & allow clarity around ______)
*Light a candle &/or smudge (with sage or incense)
*Call on spiritual guidance
*This Principle is a way to live in alignment with your soul and to create your life’s path with mindful intention.


*Meditate with your Higher Self /Soul /Inner Teacher
*Ask the question “What does my soul want me to know?”
*Ask for the next step / next right action
*Ask How do I feel? (both physically & emotionally)
*Listen to the wisdom of your body
*Journal what comes up for you
*Play with being in stillness
*Discover your “inner playground”
*Listen while on walks in nature or time at the beach (or your favorite place:-)
*This Principle builds intuition and trust and a deeper connection with your soul.


*Get curious on what you heard / felt
*Be willing to take a deeper dive into what came up for you
(Not only your excitement but also old patterns & negative beliefs)
*Call a friend & share
*Ask for support ~ receiving is healing
*Mirror work ~ look into your own eyes (your soul)
*This Principle allows you to be witnessed.
It gives you the opportunity to tell the truth & be vulnerable.
Our strength is in our vulnerability.
Our wounds must be witnessed to be healed.
Our joy is raised exponentially when celebrated and witnessed!


*This is actually a big part of your healing process
*It can be physical, mental, emotional & spiritual release
*It takes a lot of courage & commitment
*Allow yourself to release your old ways of being in order to let the new unfold
*Ways to release:
Move your body (dance, exercise)
Pound into pillows
Imprinting work (release old patterns)
Scream underwater
Laughing Meditation
Allow yourself to cry
Full Moon or Forgiveness Ceremony
*This Principle helps to create the space (opening) for what is next in your life. It keeps you in your soul’s flow.


*The journey of integration begins here
*Allow space to go deeper and embody your experience and new ways of being
*Nurture your realizations & implement new practices of self care rituals & being mindful
*Start living your life in a new & more playful & joyful way
*Make different choices ~ this creates new neural pathways
*Ways to nurture & navigate new openings:
Self Love/Self Nurturance Practices
Grounding Exercises
Lying in the grass
Take inspired action (baby steps)
Allow (this is a practice of the spirit)
Gratitude Practice
Sacred NO Practice
Nature is the best medicine
*This Principle is all about taking baby steps, deepening your trust on your soul’s journey and allowing your process to unfold.

My 5 Principles of Healing are most powerful and beneficial when used all together. Each one supports the other.

Have fun playing with a new way of being!