June’s Juicy Story

Wow!  How time flies!
It’s that time of year. Tomorrow is officially Summer Solstice and the first day of summer.  With this new season comes new energy AND more time to play!
School’s out for the summer
The days are long and steamy
There is a feeling of spaciousness
There is a sense of freedom and adventure

We have visions of sipping lemonade under a shade tree, catching fireflies in a glass jar and floating on rafts upon our favorite body of water (insert your own summer dream here 🙂
It’s time to play, travel, explore, spend time in nature….hit the beach, the lake, relax, and create memories.
It’s also time for indulging on yummy cherries, refreshing watermelon and eating juicy mangoes.
Yet summer is not the only time where our souls are called to come out and play more.  A part of Soul Play is about bringing this feeling of freedom and joy into everyday life.
Many of you have asked me:  What does Soul Play look like in your day to day life?  How do you incorporate Soul Play into your healing work?
I’m delighted to share my client June’s Soul Play story. She is a wonderful example of a soul at play as well as the healing power of Soul Play.  She really exemplifies how we can live playfully every day of the year.
I immediately saw the healer in June when I met her at a retreat in Maryland.  When we first started working together, June felt challenged going to places where there were a lot of people because she felt impacted by negative energy.
Through our work together in 1:1 Soul Play Healing Sessions and Soul Play Immersion Experiences, I witnessed June as she evolved into knowing on the deepest level that no one can take her light away.
Through releasing old wounds, outworn beliefs and patterns, June began to play more and allow her own uniqueness to shine through.
She began bringing the vibration of Soul Play to work.  As she was more playful, it brought more fun to her workplace.  Soul Play was inspiring and motivating. It brought an element of co-creativeness with coworkers.  She stepped more into being a leader, shining her light. Now, she is happier and making more of a contribution.
June feels empowered and successful in letting things go with ease.  She’s more excited and now sees challenges as opportunities and gifts.
Through the practice of daily Soul Play, June has been able to make some big life decisions and creates change within herself versus focusing on changing her outside circumstances.
I invite you to grab a refreshing beverage and enjoy June’s Juicy Story:
“I first met Melanie in 2013. Being transparent and vulnerable, I knew we would work together. I immediately started healing sessions with Melanie.  At first, I really did not understand what was happening.  I saw immediate results beyond what I had ever witnessed with any other program.  My life improved and grew more supportive to my deepest desires and I experienced greater levels of internal peace and personal satisfaction.  Melanie’s 5 Principles of Healing seemed simple enough, yet powerful.   Before I knew it, I was clear on who I am and what I stand for.  Melanie imparted to me “I am safe” and helped me to see the world needs everything I am here to share.  From this internal awareness, I began showing up as all of me, using my voice and talents to educate and encourage change.  My relationships became closer, deeper, more authentic, and healthy.  My boundaries and requirements are crystal clear and I easily communicate them with ease and grace.  There are still opportunities to expand past my comfort zone.  It is a process of stepping forward, stepping sideways, stepping back as a flowing dance.  Soul Play helps me right my relationship with myself when my rational mind is at a loss.  I relax into Soul Play and the ANSWERS and RESOURCES appear in much better ways than I could have ever achieved alone.  The fun part is realizing and knowing how loved and supported I am.  Melanie is a courageous and humble healer.  Investing in myself is the best thing I ever did.  I am being everything I am called to be, knowing everything is divinely unfolding.” ~ June
How can you embrace this playful time of year?
What lights you up?
How can your Soul Play every day?
Wishing you days full of magical experiences and endless joy-filled summer nights.
Playfully yours,

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