The Healing Power of Soul Play

Yesterday afternoon, my client and I were going over specific invitations (guidance) that came through during her Soul Play 1:1 Healing Session. These invitations are organically designed to continue the healing process in one’s day to day life.  My client said to me “Anytime you mention the word “play” I have a physical reaction in my body. Play just feels foreign to me and I can only remember and feel good about it when I look at certain childhood photos.”
Sadly, she is not alone.  So many of us have forgotten what it’s like to actually play and feel the freedom to do so. Can you relate?  In many ways society conditions play out of us.  We are often taught it can’t be all about you, follow the rules, don’t be too much, don’t ask for too much, be good, do it the right way and all of the shoulds and coulds.

The healing power of Soul Play is about breaking free of conditioning.
It involves a powerful transformation of remembering who we are and what we came here to do.  It’s about becoming aware of and releasing the conditioned patterns. The healing comes from remembering  and expressing our true essence, reconnecting with the playful child within…our wild side…our true nature.
Playing as an adult is about tapping into what brings us joy in the present moment.  To the curiosity of what lights us up and creates fulfillment.  Soul Play is about giving yourself permission to be all of who you are no matter what the outside world thinks.  It’s tapping into YOUR purity….it’s getting to the place where you feel free to be YOU.
Soul Play is the re-definition of play!
When I began my healing practice over 25 years ago, it was more about identifying blocks and releasing trauma.  It was very powerful yet also felt more serious.
Since discovering and living through Soul Play myself, I’ve integrated it into my healing practice and it now feels like a higher vibration of healing.  It’s more fun, feels lighter and more expansive.
My clients begin to look at their life experiences as rocket fuel for living a more magical and joy filled life. They are able to change their story from victim to victorious and have a deeper feeling of being on purpose.  There is a higher level of awareness and being in the present moment. I also call this living in Soul Flow.
The focus becomes embracing the opportunities vs. the seriousness of challenges and trauma.  It supports a deeper level of playing vs. fixing anything.  My clients begin to take on a different perspective and realize their experiences are a part of who they are and the path they were meant to take.  Soul Play is about honoring our journey.  They see that EVERYTHING can be play…..even the uncomfortable things.
Last week I scheduled time in my calendar for a “creativitycation”, open space for my creativity to flow.  To my dismay, nothing was coming forth.  The more it “didn’t happen”, the more discomfort and anxiety I felt.  I thought “Come on….I have all these hours to write and create…..this is precious time!”
As much as I wanted to create content, my soul just wanted to BE.  Knowing what I know now, I immersed myself in the healing power of Soul Play.  I practiced my “5 Principles of Healing” and surrendered how I thought I wanted it to be. I released any expectations.  I honored my inner guidance.  I played with getting comfortable in my discomfort.
I sat in silence.  I sat still.  I allowed my resistance to serve me.
And it did!  I was able to get to a place of acceptance and a deeper inner knowing that it wasn’t time yet.  Just like you can’t birth a baby before it’s time, the same is true for many things in our lives (especially creativity).
When my “creativitycation” came to an end, not only did I feel refreshed, I felt successful! I didn’t have a lot of words on paper, but I was lead to begin creating a “heart map” of my creative desires.
By Soul Playing with what was and dropping my energy from my mind down into my heart, I felt a renewed sense of expansiveness and an opening.  I let the mystery unfold without trying to figure it all out.
I experienced the healing power of Soul Play!
Are you in need of a shift?  Is there something you’re called to do but can’t get started?
I invite you to Soul Play through the discomfort, drop your energy down into your heart and trust that your answers will flow.
Playfully yours,


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