What Makes Your Heart & Soul Sing with Delight?

It’s that time of year….Spring is in the air!  The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming.  It’s as if all of nature is delighted to emerge after a long slumber.  Springtime is delightful!  It is a time of rebirth, new beginnings and new growth.
I was blessed to spend Easter weekend with an “almost 5 year old.” (He told the lady at the grocery store that he is “technically 4”). Being in the presence of a child always teaches me about living in the present moment.  I was excited to see the delight in Michael’s face when he would spot a squirrel in the park as he ran from one huge oak tree to another.  Or making up imaginary games on the spot.  When he scored a goal for his soccer team or when he found the golden egg in his Bibi’s back yard during the annual Easter egg hunt.  His sound of sheer delight made my heart sing!

Michael and the Golden Egg
The more I was in Michael’s presence, the more curious I became.  I began to ask myself…“What lights me up?  What brings me joy and the feeling of delight?  What puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face?  What makes my heart and soul sing?
I looked up the definition of delight: a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment, joy, gratification, a high level of satisfaction, or rapture. Something that gives great pleasure.
What came up for me were some really simple yet powerful things:
* Being in nature ~ watching birds build their nests and sunshine glistening on   butterfly wings ~ always SO delightful!
* Laughter / Giggles
* Having a delicious meal made with love
* Chocolate or sharing mango gelato
* The color of dogwoods and azaleas
* Allowing myself to sleep in & being delighted at feeling deeply rested
* Dancing
* Treasure hunting
* Getting together with college friends and reminiscing
Making time to immerse myself in what delights me is a part of what Soul Play is about. I simplify my life, stay in the present moment, and create experiences that delight my senses.
In my 1:1 Healing Sessions I witness individuals all the time who struggle with the concept of play.  They know how to work hard, get it done, do more and then collapse at the end of the day and then repeat the cycle.  They find it difficult to set aside the time to create, to play, to have fun or engage in delightful experiences.
Tapping into what brings you delight is healing on many levels.
It elicits a feeling of freedom, aliveness and joy.  One can feel more peaceful, positive and connected.  It’s as if shining the light on fun and playful experiences creates delight!
Last month, 3 of my best friends from college and I got together for a reunion.  It was wonderful to connect, laugh about old times and to catch up with our lives as they are today.  I felt reenergized and delighted….like a breath of fresh air or swinging high on a swing.  I even had a “fun” hangover the next day!
 Soul Sisters Since College
How about putting a little spring in your step and asking yourself…
“What makes my heart and soul sing with delight?”
Find something delightful and drink it in.  Let it feed and nourish every cell of your being.
Reward yourself with Soul Delight!
Delightfully yours,

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