The Powerful Unfolding of Soul Play through My 5 Principles of Healing

About 4 years ago, a very well known and prominent doctor suggested I open an institute/school to teach others the healing work that I do.
This woman’s work in the world is beyond amazing and I have always looked up to her as a mentor and colleague.  I was both thrilled and honored at this invitation and also scared to death!
I spent the next several months asking myself:

*How was I going to do this?
*What would opening a school look like?
*How do I teach people to do what I do?
The answer that eventually came forth was Soul Play.
What?  Soul Play?
What I heard was “Yes, you are here to help others heal and remember what they came here to do.”
The unfolding of Soul Play came in waves.  When it came through the first time, it hit me hard….crashing down on me in a way to say “this is important”, we want you to remember this.”
It took my breath away like a big wave can do.  I felt exhilarated!
That kind of feeling you get after an Aha moment.  The excitement that comes when you know you are on to something big.
When Soul Play came through, I loved the concept…it was such a part of me.
Then the resistance followed.
I already have a successful and fulfilling healing practice.  Before Soul Play I had it all figured out (my healing sessions, my retreats, etc).
How does Soul Play weave into all of this?
I was feeling resistance to not knowing fully what it looked like. The discomfort of the unknown is where the fear came up. The fear was about going in a whole new direction. The fear of change.
My fear matched my excitement.
I have learned on my journey to ride the waves of resistance.
Resistance is good!  It is scary but I know it will take me someplace if I just trust, surrender and use it as a growth experience.
What came out of this was the gift of using resistance as growth.
I knew I had to let this concept of Soul Play come through.
I knew I had to go into self discovery & let it be born.
I knew I had to find a way to integrate it.
I had to “live into it”.
There was NO turning back!
It wasn’t something I completely understood yet…it was an unfolding.
I decided I needed a plan, a ritual ~ something that would support me in the unfolding and integration.
I am sure you know, often what we need is right in front of us.  This was definitely true for me
It came to me so clearly…”use your 5 Principles of Healing to support you in the unfolding of Soul Play.”
My 5 Principles of Healing came to me in a similar way as Soul Play.   They have become the foundation of my 1:1 Healing Sessions, my Soul Play Immersion Experience and my retreats.
So I began the process of becoming a disciple of my own work ~
of taking my soul as a playmate.
Here is how I used my 5 Principles of Healing to allow Soul Play to unfold:
*I found a quiet space
*I set my intention for what I desired during this time
(my intention was to be open & allow clarity around Soul Play)
*I asked the question “What does my soul want me to know?”
*I journaled what came to me
*I had to go inside & “see” what I wanted to play with
*I had to discover my “inner playground”
*I let Soul Play come through me by walks in nature & time at the beach
*I got curious on what I heard
*I took a deeper dive into what came up
*I witnessed not only my excitement but my old patterns & negative beliefs
*I leaned into the support of others
*Being witnessed gave me the opportunity to tell the truth & be vulnerable
*This was actually a really big part of it
*It was physical, mental, emotional & spiritual release
*It took a lot of courage & commitment
*I had to release my old ways of being in order to let Soul Play unfold
*Ways I released:  Moved my body everyday, pounded into pillows, imprinting work (released old patterns), acupuncture.
*The journey of integration of Soul Play began here
*I allowed space to go deeper and embody my experience and new ways of being
*I nurtured my realizations & implemented new practices of self care rituals & being mindful
*I started living my life in a new & more playful way
Is there a calling, inspiration or idea on you your mind or in your heart that wants to come forth?
I invite you to play with my 5 Principles of Healing with something that is unfolding for you in your life.  Click here to begin.
Playfully yours,


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