From Uncertainty to Freedom through Soul Play!

In 2013 I was on retreat in Costa Rica. One of our extra curricular activities was an opportunity to go zip lining. A part of me was super excited to give it a try ~ another part of me was terrified. One thing I know about myself is that if I have a desire, a gut feeling, a call to do something, I can dig deep and muster the courage to make it happen. Even if it scares me and there are a lot of unknowns.

As I look back, I realize just how much time and energy I spent that week on making a decision. My uncertainty was so big it was crushing my desire (and taking me out of the present moment). The contrast of wanting the experience of zip lining was clouded with uncertainty. How scary is this going to be since I am afraid of heights? Going back and forth, focusing on what I think the end result of a situation will be has been a common theme in my life. The uncertainty makes me anxious and it distracts me from making a decision. I realize that this pattern has kept me from playing bigger and having more fun and joy.
What does uncertainty feel like? For me it can be fear, stress, pressure, overwhelm, doubt, pain, hard, unsafe, dangerous, struggle, suffering, anxiety and so on….
I’ve realized that uncertainty is not necessarily a negative thing. There will always be some form of fear around uncertainty. It is part of human nature. Yet it doesn’t have to come from old patterns or negative beliefs. I have learned that in many ways, fear is my friend.
In order to free myself from my old beliefs, I made a decision to play with uncertainty. This took courage and commitment because uncertainty can at times feel safer. Yet it often comes with the ego’s false sense of safety and protection AND excuses.
When I listen to the voice of uncertainty, I often feel small, isolated, overwhelmed, ungrounded, scared and unfulfilled. When I have Soul Played with my intuition/my inner voice, by allowing it to express itself, I tap into a renewed sense of freedom.
One of my teachers once told me, “The 1st voice is that of your intuition, the 2nd voice is that of your ego.”  It has been a practice for me to listen to my heart and soul and take inspired action from this place of inner knowing.
So, I listened to my 1st voice and signed up to go zip lining! To my surprise, we weren’t zipping from tree to tree. Instead, I found myself “flying” across canopies, hundreds of feet above tropical flora and fauna, screaming the whole way on the 1st of 11 (yes 11!) runs.
By the end of my experience, I felt both empowered and exhilarated. I felt FREE! I Soul Played with uncertainty and replaced it with a new sense of freedom. I was proud of myself for moving through the fear, doubt, etc. and allowing my soul to play full out in the present moment.
Soul Play is about full soul expression and NOT having to know all of the answers.
Soul Play is about allowing the divine uncertainty to unfold.
It’s playing with the mystery
It’s creative and fun
It arouses curiosity and wonder
It is full self expression
Freedom to express your heart
To live an open hearted and whole hearted life
It ignites growth and creativity
It creates a calm sense of empowerment and present moment awareness
It shifts uncertainty to freedom
Soul Play is the easiest path to a more activated life.
I did it!   11 times!   Wow!
I have learned to dance with and play with uncertainty.  What I came to realize is that there is a whole lot of opportunity and freedom in the unknown.
Everyday I get to share this with my clients in my 1:1 Soul Play Healing Sessions. I support them with the changes they are making in their lives as they say YES to their truth and inner knowing and move through and release their old blocks while they play with uncertainty.
Do you have something in your life that you would like to do that feels scary and is clouded with uncertainty?
I invite you to choose one thing that your heart has been tugging you to do and play with uncertainty.
Allow yourself the freedom to fly!
Playfully yours,


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