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Is Perfectionism Exhausting You?

Are you tired from dealing with procrastination, clutter, busyness or perfectionism?
Are you frustrated because you keep showing up for your dreams and goals but you still feel stuck or blocked and can’t seem to get out of your own way?
As the end of the year is upon us, I have been taking personal inventory of the things I don’t want to carry forward into the new year ahead.  Perfectionism is a BIG one for me!  I am a naturally organized and detail-oriented person, yet I have this pattern of wearing myself out trying to get it right. Living from this place is exhausting and is one of the highest forms of self- sabotage. 
After being an energy healer for all of these years, I know that my perfectionist ways are amping up so that I can choose to do another layer of healing around this and let it go!
In order to feel happy and joyful on a regular basis and to live in alignment with your dreams and desires, it is SO important to let go of things that no longer serve you.
As Rumi teaches…”Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.”
It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on, but it does take a lot of strength to let go. 
What happens when we let go?
We have more energy
We make room for the new
We relax into what is meant for us
We open to new opportunities
We have a deeper access to our creative juices
We experience more love, more joy, more abundance in every area of our lives.
If letting go is so amazing, beneficial and powerful, what keeps us holding on?
Outworn beliefs
Unfinished business
Unhealed past trauma
Since awareness is the first step to healing, I invite you to ask yourself and take a personal inventory:
What limiting beliefs do I need to release?
What has been a barrier to taking better care of myself?
What’s working?  What’s not working?
What is one thing you could let go of that could change everything?
Taking inventory on what is serving you and what is not, can dramatically shift your energy.  From this place you have the power, the choice to create a life that is full of magic and joy. 
If you don’t let your self be seen and witnessed, you can’t let go, you can’t heal.
I would be honored to witness you in letting go.

In the spirit of letting go,

Do Your Habits Create Happiness Or Unhappiness?

Science shows that our habits and our happiness are linked.  When we consciously pay attention to what we choose to do on a daily basis, it makes a difference in the quality of our lives. 
Over decades of doing energy healing work, I have seen over and over again how bringing awareness to how your habits serve you (or don’t), makes a big difference in ALL areas of your life.
The problem is, most of our unhealthy habits come from unconscious old programming that we are not even aware of.  We just know that it is hard to change and let them go. 
Being aware of how you are sabotaging yourself can inspire you to look at your triggers, process old emotions, shift limiting beliefs and heal your heart.
My clients often come to me with so much stuff around the topic of over-doing.  Over-eating, over-scrolling, over-saying yes when we want to say no, and over-doing.  Did I mention over-doing?  That’s a big one!
In our really busy world, there is so much that we can do that we don’t take the time for….to just be still and listen to ourselves…to allow our inner wisdom to guide us in directions that are meaningful and that lead us to live a joy filled and purposeful life. 
It doesn’t always feel easy to let go of habits or patterns, but once you understand why you’re doing them in the first place, and can tap into the unconscious parts of yourself that’s driving the behavior, then you can set yourself free!
Awareness is the first step to change.  Allow me to be your guide and help you go within so your soul can show you some unique ways to free yourself from outworn habits.
Our habits truly do create a state of happiness or unhappiness.
I’d love to hear what’s working for you and what you’re ready to let go of.

In the spirit of letting go,

Gratitude And Chaos Can Coexist

The practice of gratitude is a spiritual practice for me. It brings more calmness.  More peace. And it helps me know that I have my own back especially in challenging moments.  It is much more than making a list—although that can be helpful—because let’s face it, we can often end up focusing on what doesn’t feel right and impact our own joy by trying so hard to feel more positive!

Practicing gratitude can also mean looking at your triggers, processing old emotions, shifting limiting beliefs and healing your heart.  

When choosing gratitude, you are watering and fertilizing the good in your life. 

I have found a way to embody the practice of gratitude and I know how to hold a state of gratitude in the midst of chaos. Yes, these energies can coexist.  It is now a part of me and the way I live my life. It feels easy and natural and I want this for you too!

I love helping others through the difficult times in their lives.  Through my decades of supporting people on their healing journey, I guide them through their hardships and challenges in a way that is uplifting vs. heavy lifting. 

I asked a few clients of mine who’ve been working with me every month for over 12 years, “what has them coming back?”  They told me that our work together helps them process their challenges and have more clarity and get back to themselves. And from this place they can live from a space of more joy and gratitude.

We all need support.  I would be honored and delighted to be the one to support you!

In gratitude,

Accepting the loss of a loved one 💔

We have all experienced loss.  Just like change, loss is part of our human experience.  Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a career, a marriage, a location, our health, a way of being in life, a dream. Grief is very complex and comes in many forms.  And I have recently met it again….
I was in the kitchen mixing together ingredients to make homemade mango ice cream.
Our 10-year-old grandson flew on a plane for the very first time all by himself to come and spend five days with Grandpa and Melanie.  We had been snorkeling and were all sun kissed so we were definitely looking forward to having something cold and refreshing to eat.
And then I got the news. My very good friend’s child had passed away.  As my heart broke into a million pieces, I also experienced just as many emotions.  I had been here before. Gutted. Gasping for air. Sobbing. Shock. And this overall feeling of deep disbelief.
It was just four years ago after the sudden loss of my brother, this same friend who just lost her child, flew into Miami and took me down to the Keys to help me process my unimaginable and profound grief.  She had said to me, “it’s time to take your grief on the road.”
There are no words to describe not only the amount of pain that I was in, but also how immobile, almost catatonic I felt.  I believe shock does something to our energy field as a natural way to protect our broken hearts. The flip side of feeling paralyzed, I also found myself overdoing to dissipate that which I could not yet regulate.
My friend knew, as I did, that movement is medicine. Because I was unable to do much for myself at the time, she showed up to help me process what felt scary, unimaginable and unacceptable to me. 
I was grateful for this experience because I learned that we really, really can’t grieve and heal alone and we’re not meant to.  Humans need connection.  Our pain needs to be felt and witnessed for us to heal. 
We need to connect to both ourselves and to others.  We need to be supported in ways we can’t support ourselves.  In order to come to a point where we can have some sort of acceptance around our loss, we need to bring grace to grief.
I have done SO much healing around loss and grief.  I have immersed myself in turning my wounds into wisdom.  I can hold the space for you to heal because I have been there myself. 
My Sacred Healing Circle is like medicine for the soul.  No matter what type of loss you have experienced or how grief is existing for you, this is a great place to come and meet it, move it out, and heal it. 
Leaning into community is the most powerful container for healing.

Healing our hearts together,

My brother Kip & I … the moment we both knew we had found each other again!

Grief is it’s own animal

When my brother died suddenly, I was so bereft with grief, I thought I would follow him soon afterwards. I would wake up in the middle of the night…as if every part of my being was looking for him. I would have panic attacks during the day.  I almost ended up in the hospital because I was trying to do so much to dissipate the profound feeling of loss.  I was traumatized.
Because I felt numb and paralyzed, I had to make an effort. I believe the shock was a natural way of protecting me and allowing me to process something so catastrophic to my system and my soul.  I did everything I possibly could at the time to keep this energy of grief moving up and out of my body.  I knew that sound, movement and tears are what cleanses the body and soul.  I knew that movement was my medicine. 
I walked in nature (I felt like I could walk endlessly for days.)  I spoke to a psychotherapist. I did somatoemotional release work, I pounded pillows, screamed, cried, soaked in the ocean, received hugs and support and I prayed.  You name it I tried it. 
My friend Betsy explained it best, “Everyone experiences trauma, but not everyone can release it. In nature, when an animal experiences trauma, after it’s over, they shake to release the trauma from their body. It’s a natural, intuitive response. As humans, we go into fight, flight, or freeze mode.”
My mom handled the loss of her precious son much differently. She couldn’t access her grief.  It stayed in her body and eventually manifested into a muscle condition where she could hardly move.  She later told me she was so worried about me that she wasn’t able to tend to herself.  Her motherly love was protecting her broken heart.  She shared with me the other day, “When I thought of Kip this morning, I was finally able to cry.  I just can’t believe I can’t hug him anymore but so thankful I could cry.”
Grief is its own animal and everybody handles it differently.  You never know when it is going to sneak up on you, attack, come charging forward, roar loudly or hibernate.  It is a process that cannot be predicted or tamed.
The sequences or stages of grief go back and forth.  The feeling of the emotions/feelings is what is needed.  This takes time as the uncovering of feelings is a process, not an event.  We all know “you can’t heal what you can’t feel.” 
The key is to be very gentle with yourself and allow the healing process to occur in it’s own divine time. Grief can be very isolating so remember to lean into support as it is important to be in community (you and at least one other person.)  We can’t heal alone.  As humans, we need connection to heal.
I invite you to think about what grief you may still need to tend to and feel.
And then access your inner animal and move it on out….stomp, dance, cry, scream, shake. You may find you feel better immediately!
Allowing the process,

Turning wounds into wisdom

We’ve all heard the old cliché, “everything happens for a reason.” On some level I believe this to be true, and this belief has helped me accept many challenging events in my life.
Other times, I feel it can also be an excuse to spiritually bypass some big life lessons that we could benefit from.
One of many things I love about my work, is I am blessed to help people turn their life experiences into rocket fuel. What I mean by that is, I help them listen to how it could serve them, process the emotions and energy that has been created from this life event, and then use it for their greatest purpose and path forward.
In other words, I help people turn their woundedness into wisdom. 
Why is this important?
It could be so easy, especially during the times that we’re living in now, to be inundated with negative thoughts, get caught up in the constant media and news available to us, which then creates yucky emotions.  All of this energy bogs us down and keeps us from true joy and happiness.
Add to the equation all of the things that “happen” to us such as death, divorce, health challenges and more that feel out of our control.
It’s up to each of us to create the life that we desire and came here to live. I feel it is our responsibility (& we are more than well equipped for the journey), to show up and do the inner work so that it reflects in our outer world.
I am four years into turning the wound of losing my only sibling and precious brother into wisdom. It is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done and yet I know it’s part of my path.

It’s up to me to stay the course, have the awareness, welcome the healing and then I get to choose what I do with this wisdom.  It is a process that is well worth investing in.
I can stay stuck in my grief and let it eventually sit in my body and age me and not be living my life fully….OR…. I can take this wound and alchemize it into helping others on their grieving journey.
We may not have control of some our life circumstances, but we are at choice in how we process and handle them.  As humans, we certainly all have wounds.  It’s how we handle them that counts.

Are you protecting yourself from your 💖desires?

It’s 2006 and I’m sitting in a quaint auditorium in New York City with 250 other women from around the world. I had signed up for the ‘School of Womanly Arts’ after my friend had gifted me Regena Thomashauer’s book when my husband suddenly passed away three years earlier.

One of her teachings involved getting in touch with your heart’s desires. The definition of desire is:  a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

When we were first given the assignment to write our desires down, I felt paralyzed. And honestly it surprised me. I felt this tightness in my chest and a protective shield around my heart.  I was scared because I could not feel or access what it is I truly wanted in my life. I was shut down.

Sure, I had been experiencing a lot of grief and life changes at the time, but it was even deeper than that. I came to the realization that it had been a very long time (if ever), since I had allowed myself to take the time and go within and feel, know and name my deepest wants, needs and desires.  From this awareness I committed myself to dive deeper into what externally wasn’t working for me anymore and what my own internal blocks were.

When we ignore our true desires, it creates issues in our lives. We aren’t in alignment with our true selves, our relationships suffer, we can experience anxiety &/or depression, we stay stuck in work that is unfulfilling, our health is challenged and so on.

As time went on and I continued to melt the barriers and release the layers of old, stuck energy, my heart desires came through in all areas of my life.

Naming what I wanted in my life and aligning with that knowing changed EVERYTHING!

My healing practice shifted in profound ways (I even opened a practice in NYC)
My work went global
I connected with my life partner
I made new friends which are still in my life to this day
My time spent with my family and loved ones was more genuine and fun
I had the courage to let things go that were no longer in alignment with my heart
I traveled to Greece, Italy, Spain, Norway, British Columbia, Bahamas and more
I felt more alive than ever before

I said YES over and over again to what it was I truly wanted and the magic kept happening!

And I want the same for you!

Knowing and naming what we want in our life is really important.  From this place you can then take action.

So let’s take a go at it… take out your journal or notepad and write down 3 things that you truly desire. Even if you think you could never have them. Then take one baby step towards making it happen.

Hit repy and let me know at least one!
I would love to hold the space for that to come zooming your way💫💥

Want to release your protective layers and go deeper in naming and knowing your desires?  

Here’s to living the life of your dreams,

The most powerful way to start your day

One of my daily rituals is to pay attention to the first thing I hear in the morning.
This has been a practice and a gift that keeps on giving.
Many years ago, I would say to myself ‘oh that’s interesting’ and move along with my day. Now I am quite the serious student and heed the guidance, advice or nudges that I get.
Just the other day I awoke with a huge download of questions. I got myself out of bed and to my journal and quickly jotted down what I heard.
I then asked, “who are these for?” A few names came to mind so I took action and reached out to those people that day.  Now I’m being guided to share them with you:
*What are your deepest hearts desires?
*What do you need in your life right now?
*What would you call in if you had a magic wand?
*What do you need to accept?
Our spirit guides and inner wisdom are always there for us and calling in our attention. It’s just up to us to take the time to pay attention and honor those callings.
When I received the answers back from the people I reached out to, the subject of desire came through all across the board.  
Here are a few others: 
The need to accept and love myself where I am in my life
To be in a loving, fun, and caring relationship
Rest and replenishment
Financial freedom and stability
Trust that I am safe and sound
Clear direction and peace
To forgive and be forgiven
To create an impact in the world with my message
To be back in community
To have a network of friends
Accept that my loved one’s who passed are gone and I can’t change it back
Accept my feelings around the reality of life and aging
To know and fullfill my deepest heart’s desires
One woman told me that she has no idea what her heart’s desires are and that this troubled and perplexed her.  Perhaps it was her generation?  She said she judged herself …wondering why doesn’t she contemplate more? Hiding from something? Time?  How she was raised? Her personality? 
My questions brought to her awareness that she is “really out of touch.” They also inspired her to turn on piano music in the morning vs. the habitual flipping on the tv 1st thing.   “This is what I need to be listening to instead of all the noise & chatter.”
Listening is a spiritual practice.  I listen to my inner wisdom….my angels and guides….nature… life.  I listen to the first thing that comes into my awareness in the morning.
After all, it is the most powerful way to start your day!
How would you answer the questions above?
I would love to know!
With curiosity,

What is one thing you’ve never forgiven yourself for?

Several years ago, I had a healing practice in New York City. I would fly from Florida once a month and spend a week treating 35 clients. I realized during that time in my practice that most people were working on the same issue/topic in different ways. This is when I was guided to started looking for themes, and I have been looking for them ever since.
The theme that is really standing out to me right now in my 1:1 Healing Sessions is Forgiveness.
The topic comes up again and again and the opportunity to clear out shame, guilt, anger, resentment, etc. is front and center.
When I mention forgiveness, some of my clients respond with, “I’m not ready to forgive or I don’t want to forgive.”  Or “that was a long time ago, etc.”  The resistance can be palpable because they don’t even know where to start and they are afraid to feel. 
Most people don’t realize that our inability to forgive, is a way to protect ourselves.  We naturally withdraw and withhold our love and joy because we’ve been hurt in some way or form.
Once I explain to my clients the benefits of releasing this energy that is stored in their cells, and how much it will serve them in feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally, they are more open to the experience. 
Often times, forgiveness isn’t about forgiving another person, it’s about forgiving ourselves. No matter who or what we are called to forgive, it always serves us first. 
The key word in learning to forgive is the willingness to forgive.  I have found time and time again, that when someone is willing, just willing, magic occurs. 
As Gerald G. Jampolsky says, “Our willingness to take that journey and cross the bridge, brings us into our own spiritual essence and into a new space of expansion, transformation and unconditional love.”
So I ask you…”What is one thing you’ve never forgiven yourself for?”
Yes, that thing. That situation or episode that you hold close to your heart.  Perhaps a secret you are keeping covered by hurt and shame?  The circumstance you are tucking away.  The thing you are protecting yourself from.
Are you ready to no longer suffer, to heal your heart and soul?  To set yourself free?
Forgiveness is a way out of darkness and into the light. 
Forgiveness is the most powerful healer of all.
The theme for my next Sacred Healing Circle is Forgiveness.
When we gather, you don’t have to interact with anyone else.  It’s your private time to go within and have your own healing experience.  You can however, share or listen to others at the end when I stop the recording and open up the space.

11 things you probably didn’t know about me

I see myself as a private person. I often secretly admire people that can easily and comfortably put themselves out there.  It’s not that I don’t have tons to share, it’s more like there is this resistant veil that I have to penetrate.  It is uncomfortable, I have to jazz myself up, ready, set, go kind of thing.

It isn’t a match to who I feel I am on many levels.  My Leo Moon is shouting “What about me? Let’s go shine our light!”  My Virgo Sun is saying “I am fine just where I am.  Way too much stimulation for me.”

As a Somatoemotional Release Specialist, I also know that our “issues are stored in our tissues.”  Perhaps I got the message early on that somehow it wasn’t safe to be seen as my Mom ‘sort of’ hid me during her pregnancy?

The truth is, a part of me wants and desires to be seen more. I have come here to help people grow and evolve and heal. I want people to know who I am and what I came here to do in this lifetime.  I figured I have lived small long enough.  As the saying goes, “if not now, then when?” Showing more of myself is a healing for me and a calling to serve others.

I know that every time we are willing to be vulnerable and show more of ourselves, it gives other people permission and inspiration to do the same.

I’ve been playing with vulnerability and sharing more so here goes:

1. I am a native Floridian.  I was born in Milton, FL during a Category 4 hurricane. Yes, I am a force of nature!

2. I am one of 58 grandchildren on my Dad’s Norwegian side of the family

3. I learned how to drive a boat before a car

4. I have spent a lot of time in the Bahamas!  Bimini, Cat Cay, The Abacos…my second home

5. I supported myself through six years of college. I have 2 degrees…a Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders and a Masters of Science in Movement Science.

6. I have caught (& released) a Grand Slam in Venezuela… 3 different species of fish in one day: a White marlin, Blue marlin & a Sailfish

7.  I have this quirky way of putting things away before people are finished with them.

8.  I am an adventurous and rebellious individual.  Which is one of the reasons I believe I am drawn to Alternative /Natural Healing

9. I have experienced profound grief in my lifetime.  I lost my only sibling and beloved brother suddenly 4 years ago and became a widow at age 42.

10. I have done a shit ton of inner work on myself for the past 30+ years and consider myself a growth seeking being.

11. I love the number 11…I see 11:11 and 1:11 all the time! 

AND…I love receiving messages from my guides!

Some say, when you see 11:11, stop and recognize the significance of the moment.  A window may be opening up in your life and you have the opportunity to ask for guidance from your angels to find out what it is-the spirit world is trying to communicate with you.  Others believe everything is in alignment and you are exactly where you need to be! 

What are some unique things that you might like to share with others?

Hit reply… I’d love to know!

More sharing to come,

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