The most powerful way to start your day

One of my daily rituals is to pay attention to the first thing I hear in the morning.
This has been a practice and a gift that keeps on giving.
Many years ago, I would say to myself ‘oh that’s interesting’ and move along with my day. Now I am quite the serious student and heed the guidance, advice or nudges that I get.
Just the other day I awoke with a huge download of questions. I got myself out of bed and to my journal and quickly jotted down what I heard.
I then asked, “who are these for?” A few names came to mind so I took action and reached out to those people that day.  Now I’m being guided to share them with you:
*What are your deepest hearts desires?
*What do you need in your life right now?
*What would you call in if you had a magic wand?
*What do you need to accept?
Our spirit guides and inner wisdom are always there for us and calling in our attention. It’s just up to us to take the time to pay attention and honor those callings.
When I received the answers back from the people I reached out to, the subject of desire came through all across the board.  
Here are a few others: 
The need to accept and love myself where I am in my life
To be in a loving, fun, and caring relationship
Rest and replenishment
Financial freedom and stability
Trust that I am safe and sound
Clear direction and peace
To forgive and be forgiven
To create an impact in the world with my message
To be back in community
To have a network of friends
Accept that my loved one’s who passed are gone and I can’t change it back
Accept my feelings around the reality of life and aging
To know and fullfill my deepest heart’s desires
One woman told me that she has no idea what her heart’s desires are and that this troubled and perplexed her.  Perhaps it was her generation?  She said she judged herself …wondering why doesn’t she contemplate more? Hiding from something? Time?  How she was raised? Her personality? 
My questions brought to her awareness that she is “really out of touch.” They also inspired her to turn on piano music in the morning vs. the habitual flipping on the tv 1st thing.   “This is what I need to be listening to instead of all the noise & chatter.”
Listening is a spiritual practice.  I listen to my inner wisdom….my angels and guides….nature… life.  I listen to the first thing that comes into my awareness in the morning.
After all, it is the most powerful way to start your day!
How would you answer the questions above?
I would love to know!
With curiosity,

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