What If You Couldn’t Get It Wrong?

I know deep down inside, that as humans, we can’t get it wrong.  We can surely create challenges for ourselves and make life more difficult. We hold ourselves back from doing big things because we can’t move through all of our thoughts and feelings around fear. uncertainty, etc.

I also know that we can’t grow if we don’t let life teach us.

The few days before the Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle, my mind would literally wake me up in the middle of the night going over what I wanted to share.

My ‘Melanie Mind’ just wouldn’t give it a rest. If you’ve ever experienced monkey mind (and I’m most certain you have), you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Although my soul knew that having an outline and showing up in the moment would be most powerful and authentic energetically, I was challenged with minding the gap between my head and my heart.

My heart knew that I couldn’t get it wrong, but my mind being as amazing and powerful as it is, was really putting up a fight.  What shifted things for me is I kept telling myself, “Melanie, you can’t get this wrong!”

What would it feel like if we were truly able to embody our deepest hearts desires, our biggest callings and could move forward from a place of trust?  To trust with our whole being.. body, mind and spirit?

What if we could accept that we’ll probably always experience some level of fear and uncertainty when we’re moving into unknown territory or having a difficult and courageous conversation? 

What if we were to use this energy to actually propel us forward and do the work along the way? 

How would it feel to drop from your head to your heart and live from a place of wonder, curiosity and joy?

Living from this place has become one of my most cherished spiritual practices and the foundation of what I teach and guide in my Sacred Healing Circles and 1:1 healing sessions.

I invite you to get still and take a few moments and ask yourself:

Where are you holding yourself back because you feel uncertain and are afraid of the unknown?

What would you say yes to in your life if you knew you couldn’t get it wrong?

Hit reply and let me know  🌟💓  

I’d love to hear from you!

Rocking uncertainty,

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