I Am Healing The Deepest Part Of Me

Have you ever decided to do something big? Something that you really want deep down inside but are afraid to do? The thing that has been calling your name, nudging you forward and yet the thought of it can be overwhelming? Even a little paralyzing?
Then the moment you say yes, “I am committing, I am all in”, your shit comes up.
In two days, I will be holding the Opening Ceremony for my first ever Sacred Healing Circle.
This idea/calling came to me several years ago and I am finally ready to do it.
As I offer a new way to work with me this week, I am having ALL of these feelings.
Everything I haven’t fully healed is rearing its ugly head:
Self doubt
You name it, I am feeling it!
The thoughts start creeping in…
Can I really do this? Will it have value? What if I don’t say it right or do it right? What if it doesn’t land?  Maybe this isn’t the best time? 
Saying yes to our deepest desires is also saying yes to our deepest feelings.
I decided I can either continue to let these thoughts, feelings, beliefs and old patterns keep me stuck and hold me back, OR I can lean into the discomfort, heal my stuff and use this energy to propel me forward and live my dream.
I made a commitment to myself, a promise that no matter what came up, I will work through it.
Because it is so much easier to live small until it isn’t.
I want people to know it can be easier than you imagine to heal trauma and other wounds.
I have done this healing work myself and I’m still doing this work every day.
That’s how I know it works and that you can do it too, no matter how big the obstacles may feel!
I am creating a place to heal remotely where we can do this work together.
Come heal the deepest parts of yourself in a gentle and encouraging way.

Oceans of blessings,

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