I see this number ALL the time! 

When I do, I know that it is a sign for me to stop, take a deep breath, pay attention to my thoughts and bring myself back to the present moment.  (I kid you NOT!  I just typed this sentence and saw 11:11 on the clock!)  I guess I am moving in the right direction.

Do YOU ever see repetitive numbers?  Hear a certain song over and over again?
Has someone said something to you at the perfect time and you’re like “Wow!  I really needed to hear that today!”  You read something and think “that was written just for me”.

Or you’re sitting at a stoplight and the license plate or bumper sticker speaks to you?
I saw this while driving home from my Mom’s last week.
I was rushing around and this stopped me long enough to pause and shift.
The brake lights above the sticker was an extra special touch!
I have always been drawn to live my life in a way where I look for external signs and synchronicities and get super excited when I experience these events.  I have fun living my life this way.  I believe they show me that I am on the right track.  A confirmation of my inner guidance and intuition, nudging me forward on my path.

Synchronicity is a concept that was first described by psychoanalyst Carl Jung.  He described this phenomenon as “events appearing meaningfully related despite no casual connection.”
It’s a sense that things in life are “aligning” or moving in a positive direction.
When I was younger, I often felt different. In my teens, my friends would call me “Hippie Chick” and later on “Woo Woo Woman”. I used to hide this part of myself.  The part of me that has always been fascinated with signs and synchronicities from the Universe (feel free to replace this with whatever resonates with you). 
Now it is my way of life.
It’s that time of year where most of us are hitting the reset button. Making goals around food, moving our bodies, releasing old habits and creating new ones.
We are inclined to create BIG plans and have BIG ambitions for ourselves and wrap our minds around new ways of being.  The calendars come out and the “to do” list grows.
Getting a clear picture of how we want to live a more joy filled and heart centered life, and setting intentions is very important.
It’s also meaningful (and magical) to make space for and open yourself up to possibilities that have yet to be shown to you.
As Rumi said,  “What you seek is seeking you.”
How do we align with the magic of the Divine?
How can you live from a place of feeling a sense that everything is in order and the
Universe is looking out for you?
*Get still and silent
* Meditate
*Take care of your energy (eat right, sleep right)
*Spend time in nature
*Practice living in the moment
*Connect with your intuition/inner knowing
*Listen to your body
*Ask to be shown a sign that you are on the right track/path
*Pay attention
*Look for the connections
*Keep a journal
When you’re connected intuitively, you’re better able to sense when something is a sign or synchronicity and what the message may be for you.
Wishing you a joyful, magical and synchronistic year ahead!

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