Leaning Into Support-An Act Of Love

 I have always loved the month of February. 

 It is the month of cold weather and all things hearts💓💓💓.

 It’s the time of year where I check in with myself and see what needs to come back into balance and what I need to align with in order to live the life I deeply desire.

 It’s a reminder for me to “listen” to how I expend my energy and “feel” into ways that are more nurturing and honoring to my body, mind and spirit.
I ask myself these questions:
How do I feel in my body?
Where do I need to course correct so I have my back around my commitments?
Am I having fun?
Taking time off?
What could bring me more joy?
Am I allowing myself to receive?
Am I connecting with family, friends, and colleagues?
After the sudden passing of my beloved brother, I just KNEW that I could not move forward or survive this profound loss alone. Grief can be VERY isolating. I decided to dig deep and put myself in places where I could not only receive support but build community.
I joined a grief group via zoom, a membership community I resonated with, reached out to my closest friends, had regular visits with my therapist and made a commitment to myself that I would not go it alone.
It was not my natural tendency to immerse myself in groups or put myself in vulnerable situations. It was an act of self-love.
I grew up feeling unsafe to share my feelings or be seen. When I reflect back, I realize I tried to figure everything out myself, When I was 10 years old and my parents were going through a divorce, I would walk across the street and spend hours laying on the ground in the pine needles attempting to soothe myself. 
What happened instead, is I held the confusion, despair, sadness, uncertainty and panic in my body. This energy stayed with me and created imprinting and neuropathways from which I operated my daily life for years/decades (more on imprinting later.)
This is one of the reasons I feel I was drawn to specialize in releasing trauma from the body in my Intuitive Energy Healing practice. 
Leaning into and receiving support has cracked my heart open. It has been an act of self- love that helped me emerge from the darkness.
I hear from my clients every day in my healing sessions how much fear, grief, sadness, uncertainty and loneliness they have been experiencing during these trying times. 
We have ALL had so many challenges and much change these past few years.
We not only have the opportunity to heal ourselves, but in doing so, we also help heal the collective.
Now, more than ever we need to lean into each other.

I’d love to hear where you lean into support and how you are going to love yourself deeper💖
Just hit reply and let me know!
Oceans of love,

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