Creating Space to Play

Happy New Year to all of you!
I hope 2017 is treating you well so far.  Despite all that is going on around us,
I truly believe each and every one of us can make the year ahead magical.
As I sat down to write my goals this first week of January, nothing came forward.
I had a deep sense that instead of adding things to my life, I was called to do it differently and to let go.  Every part of my being was craving more space….for stillness, openness, to breath and just be.  Instead of planning and plotting out the year ahead, I was inspired to clean up and clear out.  I heard “make more space to play!”

I’ve learned over the years to listen to my intuition and therefore I’m just finishing up on the second week of a 3 week cleanse (The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health). The first week I was feeling rather sluggish~ the kind of energy where I just want to wander from task to task with no pressure of completions or should do’s.  I was definitely detoxing and needed rest.
Now that I have more energy in the second week of my cleanse, I’m playing with giving myself permission to not have to do anything that is unnecessary.  In other words, I am clearing up all of the extra things that keep me busy doing too much and feeling too “full.”  I’m creating space to just be.  To nap, read a book, sit at the beach or take a nurturing bath.  I’m honoring the part of me that feels the need to make more space in my life for my Soul to Play.
Letting go on all levels creates the space for us to truly listen to our soul and opens a new path forward.
IMG_8694                                            My Magical Path
How does one create the feeling of more space in their lives and pave a path for more play?
I have chosen to cleanse on ALL levels to create more space:
My Physical Body:
  • Releasing toxins, excess weight and focusing on nourishment
  • Letting go of sugar in all forms (even my beloved honey)
  • Scheduling the space/time to prepare healthy meals for myself (to me, this is a form of self-love and creativity)
My Physical Space:
  • Letting go of what no longer serves me…even the good stuff!
  • In the spirit of Soul Playing with creating more space, I have been taking a truthful look at my relationship with my “stuff”.  I’m grateful for, and love my belongings but I feel it pressing in on me.  My possessions are taking up too much space (or real estate as I call it). I’m challenging myself to keep only what I love and brings me joy.
My Emotional Body:
  • Paying more attention and honoring my feelings and emotions
  • Being willing to be vulnerable and express my feelings
  • Being bold enough to ask for support
  • Being conscious and truthful about what zaps my energy and makes me not feel good about myself
My Mental Body:
  • Creating a new relationship with my mind is surely a spiritual practice for me.
I’ve been playing with the ongoing chatter that always has me doing something.
I start my day with a breathing practice and meditation, followed by journaling.
I’m also conscious of how much attention I pay to my lists. I LOVE my To-Do lists because they help me stay focused but they also keep me too busy. I realize that one of the reasons it’s hard for me to relax and be fully at peace is my mind is always chasing the next thing…whether it’s a project, doing the dishes, returning emails or watering my plants.  If we’re always doing, how can we create time to play?
I’ve realized how important it is to be mindful of the present moment and the choices I make.  In doing so, I find myself creating more space and choosing to play.
This is the practice of Soul Play…choosing from moment to moment what it is that you are drawn to.  What feels good?  What do you choose for this moment?  This creates room for wonder, magic and play!
IMG_8566                                     Get your Play Flag Flying!
My focus for this year is to play more, spend time with those I love (including myself), and to be of service through my work.  I’m committed to being ever mindful in creating space to live my most authentic life possible full of magic, joy and play.
Perhaps this is the year that you clear out and make way for the new?
What can you release?
How can you create more space to play?
Soul Play is a consciousness…it permeates everything.
Here’s to creating more space to Soul Play!
Playfully yours,

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