A download in the bathtub led me to this…

Some of you have been my clients for over a decade and yet some of you don’t know what I do or why.
When I headed off to college, I knew what interested me but I never found a place to express what I felt like I wanted to do in life.
I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders and my Masters in Movement Science, and yet I still didn’t feel there was a place for me. I found myself searching for more.
Becoming an Intuitive Energy Healer evolved over time. I just kept saying yes to the right next steps that resonated with me.  The more I followed my heart, the more I was shown my way.

It wasn’t until I returned from a retreat in Costa Rica many, many moons ago that I heard (while in the bathtub of all places!)  “These are your 5 Principles of Healing.”
 It was a profound experience and a bit shocking and humorous to me.
My ‘5 Principles’ (5 P’s) consist of:

*Creating Sacred Space
I have used my ‘5 P’s’ in my healing practice ever since my download in the bathtub to move energy and help people release blocks, trauma and unhealthy patterns.  They have become essential in guiding my clients on an inward journey to have a deeper experience with themselves and their inner knowing.
With their stories being witnessed in a sacred healing space, they are able to free themselves from the past and use those experiences as their superpowers AND have clarity for a renewed path forward.
This has been a process that has benefited SO many people again and again on many, many levels.
My clients often say to me, “I have a hard time explaining to others what you do. I just tell people they have to experience it.”
I would LOVE for you to have an experience with me, my work and my ‘5 Principles of Healing!’

Please join me as my guest for my Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle: 

  • Thursday, May 19th @ 1:00 pm (EST)
  • Via Zoom (live)
  • There will be a replay to enjoy if you can’t make it live
  • This first event is complimentary to everyone who registers (Feel free to share!)
  • Everyone registered will also receive a special offer to continue with the monthly Sacred Healing Circle going forward.

Click here to join! https://www.melanieericksen.com/openingceremony

Oceans of blessings,

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