Be My Guest in Ceremony

Rituals and ceremonies are beneficial in clearing our minds, our energy fields, and connecting deeper with ourselves and others.
Most of us are brought up to associate ceremony with big life events:  weddings, births, deaths, etc.
Rituals provide meaning and make those experiences memorable.
Ceremony comes in many forms and sizes.  They are simply rituals where we connect a certain feeling of significance.
Even the smallest of rituals can be effective in changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Having a cup of coffee, meditating, moving our bodies, saying prayers, picking a flower and putting it in the windowsill, calling a parent, tucking a child into bed, meeting up for a family reunion, or gathering under the Full Moon which is a great time to reflect on forgiving ourselves and others.
When ceremony becomes a way of life, it can bring a sense of lightness, enjoyment and peace.
I’ve really been called to invite more people into ceremony for quite a while now.
I believe we need more people that are in touch with their inner guidance and intuition.  Individuals that live from a place of clarity, so they have a sense of empowerment in their lives to do the things that they are being called to do. 
Because of this, I’m so excited to announce the date for the Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle where we will gather monthly.
I want to issue a special complimentary invitation for you to join me as my guest in ceremony.

I will be guiding you through an experience using my 5 Principles of Healing.

  • Thursday, May 19th @ 1:00 pm (EST)
  • Via Zoom (live)
  • There will be a replay to enjoy if you can’t make it live
  • This first event is complimentary to everyone who registers (Feel free to share!)
  • Everyone registered will also receive a special offer to continue with the monthly Sacred Healing Circle going forward.

I would be BEYOND honored for you to join me!
Click here to join me for the Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle 
Oceans of blessings,

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