Wanna Come Out and Play?


For those of you who know me well, you are aware that I am a private person by nature.  For those of you who don’t, well that is why!
For the past couple of years I have felt this big “nudge/calling” to get my work out into the world on a deeper & more expansive level.  I have resisted to put myself “out there”, as it really takes me out of my comfort zone.

One of the things I teach, is to tap into your own intuition by listening to that “inner voice”, and to have the courage to take the baby steps with inspired action.  As this “calling” remained very persistent, I dug my heels into Mother Earth and said “Yes!”
I gathered the courage to do what it takes to express myself and to create healing containers for others to do the same.
So what does courage look like? Brene Brown’s definition of courage is “to share your story with your whole heart.”  For me it was listening to, and then following my hearts calling…moving through the blocks and fears that were standing in my way using my “5 Principles of Healing.”  I immersed myself in my community, my tribe, my support system, allowing myself to be seen, and my soul to lead me.
Once I said “YES” to what my soul desired to express in the world:
*My career took off in ways that I never could have imagined.
*My overall vitality has increased because my soul’s purpose has been ignited.
*Resources that had been eluding me for years showed up without my seeking them.
Others said “YES” and have had similar experiences:
“Working with Melanie for the last several years has been nothing short of a God-send. She is an angel who will not only touch your heart but illuminate your life.  I know she has mine.”
-Victoria M., CA
“Each time I work with you, I feel like I’ve retrieved a piece of my soul…thank you!”
-Betsy B., FL
*Are you ready for more magic in your life?
*Are you ready for your true “soul expression” in the world?
*Are you ready to allow your soul to come out and play?
Oceans of blessings,


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