This one question could change your life

I always pay attention to the first thing that I hear upon awakening in the morning.
Waking up from a deep slumber, a dream state or just the act of being quiet for a long period of time brings things up from the unconscious.
With all the noise that we have going on around us on a day-to-day basis, I have learned to cherish this special time.
I love receiving messages (aka downloads:-) from my intuition, inner guidance system, higher self and/or my angels and guides.
Sometimes I just hear…..
drink more water
take a long nap
reach out to this person
write about this

Today it came as a question…
“What is one thing that could change everything?” 
It stopped me for a long moment. It felt big, and profound, and a little scary and also very helpful.
I grabbed my cup of cacao and journal and sat in silence to “listen.”
I invite you to join me and ask yourself:
“What is one thing that could change everything?” 

It very possibly could change your life!
Embracing change,


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