When Resistance Comes Up…I’d Rather Paint The Ceiling!

When Resistance comes up….I would rather paint the ceiling!
Even as I sit down to write this morning, I feel the tightening in my belly, catch myself holding my breath and can’t wait until my timer goes off on my phone so that I can call it lovely & be done!

As much as I DEEPLY desire to show up and follow my “calling” and to put my work out into the world in a bigger way, it can still feel like moving mountains to so do at times.
Having this “feeling” in my body is one of the reasons I believe I never continued on with my Ph.D. When I was in Graduate School studying “Movement Science” and in the middle of writing a paper for EVERY class, my motto was “I would rather paint the ceiling!”
And trust me, my house gets VERY CLEAN and the projects I haven’t been able to touch somehow magically get completed when I am in RESISTANCE MODE.
I am happy to say that I now recognize this resistance. My inner voice, intuition, and passion to follow my heart and play full out in my life finally wins over….and from this space I can lean into my tools and get from resistance to movement…I am able to tap into my creativity and make leaps and bounds from this exciting place!
Every time resistance shows up, I do one or all of the following:
1) Take a deep breath…I BREATHE into my body where I feel the restriction & FEEL my breath dissolving the contraction/restriction, etc.
2) Committing to short time-frames, to work on tasks that I am resisting, makes them more enjoyable. I commit to a small time period (usually 15 minutes), set the timer, and “dive in” to working on the task. When the timer goes off, many times I want to continue longer, and there is much gratification to getting it done.
3) I journal with my resistance ~ asking it…”How are you serving me? What do you want from me? I acknowledge and honor it (it’s rather amazing what comes up!)
4) I move my body! I go for a walk, bike ride, ocean swim, beach walk or simply take a dance break…
Movement is the best medicine I have found to move through resistance.
5) I embrace it! I practice allowing myself to “get comfortable in the discomfort.” Knowing that this too shall pass!
Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself…
*How is resistance showing up in my life?
*How is it keeping me from creating the life of my dreams? My heart’s calling?
*What are your “go to” tools?
ARE YOU READY to break through your resistance, blocks and barriers that are keeping you from following your heart and allowing your soul to play in the world?
(Hmmm. This is the part where you jump up and down and say “YES YES YES!”)
Playfully yours,


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