Getting Back to Joy

I haven’t been home on a weekend in almost three months. Traveling to Minnesota, Norway, Chicago with side trips in between.  All of it really great stuff….just a lot of it.
I had intended to write a blog about traveling to Norway and my ancestral lineage, but it was coming out in bits and pieces and just wouldn’t flow.  I played with my resistance, got comfortable with my discomfort and then realized I was in my old pattern of pushing.  Instead of writing my blog and having it be fun, it felt like a “project.”  So, I consciously made the decision to abandon my “project” and lean into the tools that I teach ~ Soul Play.
I have discovered that Soul Play is truly a spiritual practice.  It is not just a concept.  FEELING into any situation and getting back to joy takes awareness and action (and yes play too!).
One of my favorite go-to affirmations I use that brings me back to joy is:
“The more I play, the more happy and successful I am.” 
Melanie Ericksen
And guess what…’s true!!  Play is a vibration that permeates everything.  The moment I stopped pushing and chose to play instead, everything shifted.  I instantly felt more relaxed and joyful.  When I gave myself permission to write my blog when the energy moved me, the inner pressure released and I returned to feelings of flow, inner peace and trust.
Which brings me to the second Soul Play affirmation I use when I feel like I am pushing vs. flowing:
“I trust myself to act when the energy moves me.”
Cheryl Richardson
This has worked for me time and time again.  No matter what is in front of me ~ writing, clearing out clutter, paperwork, or a deadline.  If I feel “off”, I breathe into the above affirmation and it shifts everything.
Bringing in the essence of play and trust is an amazing gateway to joy!
Gateway to Joy Bridge
Bakklandet, Norway (Home of my Great -Grandmother)
What are you struggling with or pushing through?
Where are you feeling resistance?
Do you need to give yourself permission to move in another direction?
Are you taking action when the energy moves you?
I invite you to put a “play date” in your calendar NOW.  The more you play the more happy and successful you will be!
And jot down the 2 affirmations above as a reminder that joy is a choice.
Give yourself permission to choose joy!
Playfully yours,


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