Accepting the loss of a loved one 💔

We have all experienced loss.  Just like change, loss is part of our human experience.  Whether it be the loss of a loved one, a career, a marriage, a location, our health, a way of being in life, a dream. Grief is very complex and comes in many forms.  And I have recently met it again….
I was in the kitchen mixing together ingredients to make homemade mango ice cream.
Our 10-year-old grandson flew on a plane for the very first time all by himself to come and spend five days with Grandpa and Melanie.  We had been snorkeling and were all sun kissed so we were definitely looking forward to having something cold and refreshing to eat.
And then I got the news. My very good friend’s child had passed away.  As my heart broke into a million pieces, I also experienced just as many emotions.  I had been here before. Gutted. Gasping for air. Sobbing. Shock. And this overall feeling of deep disbelief.
It was just four years ago after the sudden loss of my brother, this same friend who just lost her child, flew into Miami and took me down to the Keys to help me process my unimaginable and profound grief.  She had said to me, “it’s time to take your grief on the road.”
There are no words to describe not only the amount of pain that I was in, but also how immobile, almost catatonic I felt.  I believe shock does something to our energy field as a natural way to protect our broken hearts. The flip side of feeling paralyzed, I also found myself overdoing to dissipate that which I could not yet regulate.
My friend knew, as I did, that movement is medicine. Because I was unable to do much for myself at the time, she showed up to help me process what felt scary, unimaginable and unacceptable to me. 
I was grateful for this experience because I learned that we really, really can’t grieve and heal alone and we’re not meant to.  Humans need connection.  Our pain needs to be felt and witnessed for us to heal. 
We need to connect to both ourselves and to others.  We need to be supported in ways we can’t support ourselves.  In order to come to a point where we can have some sort of acceptance around our loss, we need to bring grace to grief.
I have done SO much healing around loss and grief.  I have immersed myself in turning my wounds into wisdom.  I can hold the space for you to heal because I have been there myself. 
My Sacred Healing Circle is like medicine for the soul.  No matter what type of loss you have experienced or how grief is existing for you, this is a great place to come and meet it, move it out, and heal it. 
Leaning into community is the most powerful container for healing.

Healing our hearts together,

My brother Kip & I … the moment we both knew we had found each other again!

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