Imagine for a moment that you are on a quiet beach.

The water is sparkling a turquoise blue stretching out to the horizon where it mingles with a sunset sky filled with beautiful colors.

You are strolling down the warm sand, in inner reflection wondering:

  • What is keeping me from my future?
  • Where is my heart leading me next?
  • How does my Soul want to play?

Two words that best describe this state of being:

Playful devotion.

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Maybe you feel excited at the possibility of something bigger but you are still questioning how to tap into the creative power you have within to manifest a life path that resonates with your soul’s purpose and your deepest fundamental desires.

Shining brightly on purpose for your highest good can feel like a scary thing. You know there is something bigger out there for you, but you feel blocked, confused or scared. In fact, you may even be questioning the next steps.

Your life before the retreat …

You repeat self-destructive patterns and block yourself from your highest purpose.

You question your judgement, you feel stuck in indecision and don’t trust yourself, or often make choices based on your head rather than your heart.

You are scared or confused to make a major life decision that will impact a relationship or a career.

You feel connected to something bigger but you’re not sure how to get there.

You are excited about taking the next steps and would love some guidance.

You are READY to shine brightly and connect in a bigger way with your highest self and life’s purpose.

At the retreat you will …

  • Have a full body smile from the inside out
  • Feel connected & nurtured
  • Awaken to your authentic self
  • Expand into open-hearted magic & joy
  • Experience deep, transformative healing
  • Awaken the Soul Play vibration
  • Get your Soul Glow On!
  • Ignite & expand your Soul Expression

    Retreat Activities Include

  • Create and join in Sacred Ceremony
  • Open to your Highest Creative Self
  • Align with your soul’s deepest desire through soul play
  • Invoke the magic of play & creativity to change your life
  • Connect with your Creator Within
  • Breathe life into your creative genius
  • Enjoy a Moon Bath next to the ocean
  • Ignite your soul expression
  • Spontaneous creative soul play
  • Enjoy a New Moon Labyrinth Ceremony
  • Experience Intuitive Movement
  • Learn how dreams assist in healing our soul’s path & tools to tap into them
  • Take a Soulful Treasure Map journey

    Click here to join me for the next Soul Play Retreat coming up in 2016.

    Raves for Melanie’s Soul Play Retreats

    “Melanie Ericksen is one of the most extraordinary teachers and healers I have ever met. Her work is a gift to humanity. A treasure.”
    – Christiane Northrup, MD | Visionary Pioneer on Women’s Health and Wellness, Author Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

    “Melanie is an extremely gifted and knowledgeable healer and teacher. I have worked with her for years and had the distinct pleasure of bring part of her first graduating class, Awaken the Healer Within. Her work is absolutely transformational. Every cell in your body changes and you are set on a path to true healing and the best possible you. You are given opportunities to discover hidden corners of your true self and find ones that you didn’t know existed. You are encouraged to create and develop your own skills and methods and do what YOU do best. This is not a cookie cutter workshop! Melanie’s methods have transformed my life for the better, both personal and professional.”
    Hope Matthews, Maine | Classical Pilates Instructor, Intuitive Movement Healer.

    “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I enrolled in Melanie’s Awakening the Healer within retreat. The second I walked in, I knew I was in the right place. The transformation I experienced helped me to move past a love relationship that was no longer serving me, find a deeper connection to my truth and help me to gain the courage to have a difficult conversation that was eating away at me. The result? An opening for a new relationship, the resolution of business matters that were holding me back financially and a deeper connection to my soul’s purpose. I am so grateful to Melanie for this powerful work.”
    – Tracy Matthews, |

    “Melanie’s “AWAKEN THE HEALER WITHIN” seminar in June, 2014, introduced me to a wonderful spirited group of women each bringing something unique and special to our weekend. Through her experienced guidance, she taught me how to live life fully, which changed my life in a positive, loving and creative atmosphere designed for all ages. I signed up not knowing exactly what was in store for me, but knowing Melanie for almost 10 years, I could attest to her profound knowledge as an intuitive healer. I came away with the tools and awareness of how to further grow, live, love, share and find happiness and peace within myself. Bravo Melanie, you have created a one of a kind environment that will forever be a part of my heart and soul. Blessings all.”
    – Diane Schwartz, Singer Island FL