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Have you felt disconnected from your heart’s deepest desires?

Do you wish to remove old, negative patterns?

Would you like to live life full out in open hearted magic and joy?

I’d love to show you how to discover a new life perspective that reflects what your Soul knows to be true.


Over 20 years ago I created the Soul Play Healing Sessions because I longed to help people on as deep a soul level as I could––and bring more delight & fun into the world!

I believe that when you change your inside world, your outside world transforms as well.

You only need to be willing & open to receive the healing experience.

You will simply surrender to the song of your soul.

After your Soul Play Healing Session, you will:

  • Feel rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit
  • Play with new ways of being
  • Make space in your life for what you truly desire
  • Create new neural pathways to open up to your authentic self so your soul is made more visible

In a Soul Play Healing Session we will:

  • Create sacred space & set an intention
  • Take a fun and impactful journey into letting go of, opening up, and bringing forth whatever is on purpose for your highest good to heal at this time.
  • Using my 5 Principles of Healing, we will tap into the wisdom of your body, to heal on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level.
  • You will understand the “theme” of your Soul’s journey.
  • At the end of each session you will receive “Soul Play” guidance/activities on how to continue your healing process after our time together and bring your soul out to play.

How to get Started

  1. Select your Soul Play Healing Option (1, 6, 12 sessions). After you click the “buy now” button you’ll first go to the contact submission form, and then the purchasing page.
  2. Submit Your Contact Information and make your self-investment via PayPal with your account or a credit card.
  3. I will contact you to schedule your session(s)
    Single 1 Hour Soul Play Healing Session:
    $325.00    BUY NOW
    Six 1 Hour Soul Play Healing Sessions:
    $1,800.00 BUY NOW
    Twelve 1 Hour Soul Play Healing Sessions:
    $3,420.00 BUY NOW

*Note ~ Contact me for special arrangements if you want your healing session(s) in person in Singer Island, FL

How To Prepare For Your Soul Play Healing Session(s):

*Be in a quiet place
*Have a journal handy
*Be open and willing to receive the healing

Let’s get started uncovering your authentic self and igniting your Soul’s full expression!

Raves for Melanie’s Soul Play Healing Work

ChristianeRaves “Melanie Ericksen is an extraordinary healer. I have worked with her numerous times both in person and over the phone. She has helped me get through some really difficult times both emotionally and physically. Luckily for the world, her phone sessions are just as powerful (and possibly more so) than those that are face to face. Which means that it’s possible for anyone in the world to have the gift of a session with Melanie. She has the ability to pinpoint the energetic imbalances in the body and then, with great insight and compassion, help the client shift toward greater health and freedom. For those who are ready to truly flourish on all levels, there is no better resource than Melanie. I can’t recommend her work highly enough.”

~ Christiane Northrup, MD, Best Selling Author: Goddesses Never Age; Beautiful Girl; The Wisdom of Menopause; Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom; The Secret Pleasures of Menopause; Mother-Daughter Wisdom.


“A session with Melanie Ericksen reconnected me to remembering the person I was born to become. We worked over the phone and I felt a HUGE sense of relief and shift in energy right away. I went from feeling stuck to choosing to come out of my cocoon and fly. She is truly a soul whisperer.”

~ Betsy Blankenbaker, author Autobiography of An Orgasm


“Melanie is an energetic miracle worker. Every time I work with her I feel a physical difference. Every cell feels lighter and more clear. I feel less bogged down, less foggy and more able to move through life without the weight of emotional and spiritual baggage.

Melanie helps me keep it light and right!”

~ Kate Northrup, bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

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