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Soul Play Immersion Experience

A 2 Day Intimate and In-Person Customized Journey

What bold & beautiful dreams do you wish to bring forth this year?

What kind of PLAY is your Soul ready to dive into?

I created the Soul Play Immersion Experience for you so you can have a complete Soul Immersion into the heart of your life’s purpose.



You know deep down in your core that you came here to PLAY and express JOY.

You are ready to embrace your whole self and are looking for the right person to witness & lovingly facilitate the experience.

You are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and you’ve lost sight of your true purpose in life.

You’ve forgotten what truly makes YOU happy, YOU know there’s so much more and want to know what it is and how to access it fast.

You are ready to jump in and truly LIVE.

After your Soul Play Immersion Experience, you will:

  • Feel revitalized in body, mind and spirit
  • Know your life purpose in new & enlivening ways
  • Remember how to PLAY again
  • Live in trust & follow your own path
  • BE transformed & feel enthusiastic about your life!

In Your Customized Soul Play Immersion Experience we will:

  • Focus solely on YOU and YOUR soul
  • Dive deep & uncover the core beliefs that are holding you back from shining your light brightly
  • Identify & access what your deepest desires are on your soul’s journey & bring them forth
  • Immerse in healing with the energies of the ocean & other elements
  • Experience a transformative cellular imprint release process that will expand your Soul Expression
  • Have a hands on 1:1 Soul Play Healing Session to make space in your life for what you truly desire

Customized Soul Play Immersion Experience with Melanie

Day 1 ~ 10-5 pm (Includes lunch and a private 1:1 Soul Breathing Session)

Day 2 ~ 10-1 pm (Includes breakfast and a private 1:1 Soul Play Healing Session)

(Note: Transportation & Lodging not included)

***Ask me about the Soul Play Expansion Intensive Package which combines the Soul Play Immersion Experience and Six 1:1 Soul Play Healing Sessions.

How to get Started

  1. Submit Your Contact Information and make your self-investment via PayPal with your account or a credit card.
  2. I will contact you to schedule your Immersion Experience
    Customized Soul Play Immersion
    Experience with Melanie: $3,500.00

Raves for Melanie’s Soul Play Immersion Experience

TracyImmersion “When I signed up for Melanie’s Soul Play Immersion Experience, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or if it would be worth the investment. However, I’d been stuck in some old patterns that I’d been trying to break free of and the heaviness of it all was weighing me down so I decided to take the leap.

My expectations totally blown away! The combination of healing modalities was the perfect sequence of events: beach downloads and walks, water therapy, moon bathing and Soul breathing all culminating with one of her signature Soul Play healing sessions.

Individually, each of these experiences was profound. As a package, massive shifts took place and what felt like the weight of a thousand years was lifted off my shoulders.

However, it was when I returned home where the real shifts started and the impact of that soul immersion experience is still with me today, many months later. The challenges I face are the same, but they are no longer deeply ingrained in my psyche and I am able to resolve them quickly. The results have filtered into more profitability in my business and more satisfying, communicative relationships. All because I am standing in my power.

I would HIGHLY recommend Melanie’s Soul Play Immersion Experience and her 1:1 Soul Play Healing sessions, especially if you feel as though you are at a crossroads or are having difficulty breaking old, negative patterns. The investment paid off 10 fold already.”

~ Tracy Matthews, |

Let’s get started igniting your soul’s full expression!

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