Inspiring Journeys

It’s truly an honor to get to Soul Play with my clients every day.

Here are some true stories about my clients and their amazing journeys that I want to share with you.


In 1990 I was in the midst of a health challenge. On the deepest level I knew there was an emotional component related to my physical symptoms.

At this time, I was seeking help in the Western medical field but was really drawn to the realm of Holistic/Complimentary medicine. This route was seen as “out there” at the time but the one person I resonated the most with on this topic was Dr. Christiane Northrup.

I was so excited when her newsletter would show up in my mailbox~I would drink it up. My body KNEW that it was blocked on a cellular level and there was an emotional component to my dis-ease. So, I flew myself to Boston & drove to her Women to Women’s clinic in Yarmouth, ME.

Fast forward to 2010. I am in NYC and to my delight and deepest honor, Dr. Northrup booked a healing session with me. She was told that she “had to see me”…..I had spent the past 20 years on my journey creating my own modality of healing and now I was in the position to hold sacred space and a healing container for the woman I feel blazed the trail for me! Talk about full circle.

Just as she was able to assist me in the healing of my feminine energy, I was also able to do the same with her:


“I had my first session with Melanie way back on the Summer Solstice in June 2010. I was in New York City, was just learning to dance tango ( which was pushing all my buttons)  and had heard that Melanie was very skilled at body work.  At the time, I thought she was a massage therapist. Boy was I surprised when she identified the lack of energy down my left leg ( my feminine side), and the disappointment lodged  in my abdominal area. All true.”

“I have worked with Melanie many times over the years. The most memorable moment was when I realized that she was one of the most skilled intuitive energy healers I have ever known. And that she had the ability to go right for the very issues that was causing problems. And then help me move it out of my body. Tango, and true partnership, now live in my body–because I’ve made space for them. Here I am enjoying some tango bliss. In my own living room!

Not only was I able to support Christiane on her healing journey, but due to the results of our work together, she also supported me in getting my work out into the world! To me this is a perfect example of synchronicity and divine timing!



I was introduced to Sebastion (Sebby) by a Shaman Healer while he was vacationing in Florida. He came to me to help him with 9/11 issues and how it affected his relationships.

At the time, Sebby was suffering from many physical challenges he encountered by being a “first responder” to the World Trade Center disaster and spent 59 consecutive days at the sight. Not only did he have significant lung damage (a rare type only seen in the firefighters), but he also suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I learned during my CranioSacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release training at the Upledger Institute just how debilitating these traumatic events can be on the body and soul AND how releasing this trauma from the cells (cellular imprinting) can be freeing on so many levels.

In working together, Sebby came to realize that it was the PTSD from 911 that was effecting his relationships…with others AND himself. He had spent his entire life “taking care of others” and now he was able to look at things with a new perspective and has tools (Soul Play) to also take care of himself. He came to realize that he needed to treat himself with the same compassion as he treated others.


“I feel like I have a resource in Melanie that I can turn too when I am letting life dictate to me instead of being grounded where I am.

It has given me the enlightenment that I can heal and thrive if I come from love with myself.

When all else fails Forgiveness, Compassion and Love never does.”

It is such a joy to witness Sebby feeling healthy & whole…in making choices that keep his “big” heart open. He occasionally still travels to Florida for Soul Play Healing Sessions.