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What If You Couldn’t Get It Wrong?

I know deep down inside, that as humans, we can’t get it wrong.  We can surely create challenges for ourselves and make life more difficult. We hold ourselves back from doing big things because we can’t move through all of our thoughts and feelings around fear. uncertainty, etc.

I also know that we can’t grow if we don’t let life teach us.

The few days before the Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle, my mind would literally wake me up in the middle of the night going over what I wanted to share.

My ‘Melanie Mind’ just wouldn’t give it a rest. If you’ve ever experienced monkey mind (and I’m most certain you have), you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Although my soul knew that having an outline and showing up in the moment would be most powerful and authentic energetically, I was challenged with minding the gap between my head and my heart.

My heart knew that I couldn’t get it wrong, but my mind being as amazing and powerful as it is, was really putting up a fight.  What shifted things for me is I kept telling myself, “Melanie, you can’t get this wrong!”

What would it feel like if we were truly able to embody our deepest hearts desires, our biggest callings and could move forward from a place of trust?  To trust with our whole being.. body, mind and spirit?

What if we could accept that we’ll probably always experience some level of fear and uncertainty when we’re moving into unknown territory or having a difficult and courageous conversation? 

What if we were to use this energy to actually propel us forward and do the work along the way? 

How would it feel to drop from your head to your heart and live from a place of wonder, curiosity and joy?

Living from this place has become one of my most cherished spiritual practices and the foundation of what I teach and guide in my Sacred Healing Circles and 1:1 healing sessions.

I invite you to get still and take a few moments and ask yourself:

Where are you holding yourself back because you feel uncertain and are afraid of the unknown?

What would you say yes to in your life if you knew you couldn’t get it wrong?

Hit reply and let me know  🌟💓  

I’d love to hear from you!

Rocking uncertainty,

I Am Healing The Deepest Part Of Me

Have you ever decided to do something big? Something that you really want deep down inside but are afraid to do? The thing that has been calling your name, nudging you forward and yet the thought of it can be overwhelming? Even a little paralyzing?
Then the moment you say yes, “I am committing, I am all in”, your shit comes up.
In two days, I will be holding the Opening Ceremony for my first ever Sacred Healing Circle.
This idea/calling came to me several years ago and I am finally ready to do it.
As I offer a new way to work with me this week, I am having ALL of these feelings.
Everything I haven’t fully healed is rearing its ugly head:
Self doubt
You name it, I am feeling it!
The thoughts start creeping in…
Can I really do this? Will it have value? What if I don’t say it right or do it right? What if it doesn’t land?  Maybe this isn’t the best time? 
Saying yes to our deepest desires is also saying yes to our deepest feelings.
I decided I can either continue to let these thoughts, feelings, beliefs and old patterns keep me stuck and hold me back, OR I can lean into the discomfort, heal my stuff and use this energy to propel me forward and live my dream.
I made a commitment to myself, a promise that no matter what came up, I will work through it.
Because it is so much easier to live small until it isn’t.
I want people to know it can be easier than you imagine to heal trauma and other wounds.
I have done this healing work myself and I’m still doing this work every day.
That’s how I know it works and that you can do it too, no matter how big the obstacles may feel!
I am creating a place to heal remotely where we can do this work together.
Come heal the deepest parts of yourself in a gentle and encouraging way.

Oceans of blessings,

Who knows your soul song?

As I embark on offering my Sacred Healing Circle and a new way to work with me, I am guided to share more on what I do and why. 

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, my clients often say to me, “I have a hard time explaining to others what you do. I just tell people they have to experience it.”
Honestly, I have often agonized over trying to put into words ‘what I do.’
‘Why’ I do my work feels easier to express.
It’s a calling
It’s a passion
I was born to do this
I cannot not do it
Answering the call to be a “healer” (I am always trying to reinvent the wheel on this word), has not been an easy journey for me. I used to hide the “woo” part of me because people would make fun of me or I cared too much if they felt the same way or shared the same beliefs.
Now, it has come down to this…
Am I going to show up even bigger and do what I know I came here to do?
Am I going to sing my song, or continue to live with it still inside of me?
As Wayne Dyer said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”
I know how to become aware of patterns and navigate the past hurt and present fear.

I know how to help bring forth what is within you, the very thing that makes you special.

I hold space for people to dive deeper and learn to trust their gut/inner wisdom.

I help people remove what is holding them back and to have the courage to use their voice, to sing their song!!
A client said to me the other day, “One thing that is special about working with you is I have never left a session without practical tools or something to practice in my daily life. You create an atmosphere where I trust the right thing will always emerge.”
This is WHY I do the work that I do!  
And I want you to experience it!
I am super excited about the Opening Ceremony for my Sacred Healing Circle and would love for you to be my guest!

  • Thursday, May 19th @ 1:00 pm (EST)
  • Via Zoom (live)
  • There will be a replay to enjoy if you can’t make it live
  • This first event is complimentary to everyone who registers (Feel free to share!)
  • Everyone registered will also receive a special offer to continue with the monthly Sacred Healing Circle going forward.

Click here to join!

And please share with your family and friends!  It is going to be a fun and healing experience!
Here’s to singing our songs,


A download in the bathtub led me to this…

Some of you have been my clients for over a decade and yet some of you don’t know what I do or why.
When I headed off to college, I knew what interested me but I never found a place to express what I felt like I wanted to do in life.
I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders and my Masters in Movement Science, and yet I still didn’t feel there was a place for me. I found myself searching for more.
Becoming an Intuitive Energy Healer evolved over time. I just kept saying yes to the right next steps that resonated with me.  The more I followed my heart, the more I was shown my way.

It wasn’t until I returned from a retreat in Costa Rica many, many moons ago that I heard (while in the bathtub of all places!)  “These are your 5 Principles of Healing.”
 It was a profound experience and a bit shocking and humorous to me.
My ‘5 Principles’ (5 P’s) consist of:

*Creating Sacred Space
I have used my ‘5 P’s’ in my healing practice ever since my download in the bathtub to move energy and help people release blocks, trauma and unhealthy patterns.  They have become essential in guiding my clients on an inward journey to have a deeper experience with themselves and their inner knowing.
With their stories being witnessed in a sacred healing space, they are able to free themselves from the past and use those experiences as their superpowers AND have clarity for a renewed path forward.
This has been a process that has benefited SO many people again and again on many, many levels.
My clients often say to me, “I have a hard time explaining to others what you do. I just tell people they have to experience it.”
I would LOVE for you to have an experience with me, my work and my ‘5 Principles of Healing!’

Please join me as my guest for my Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle: 

  • Thursday, May 19th @ 1:00 pm (EST)
  • Via Zoom (live)
  • There will be a replay to enjoy if you can’t make it live
  • This first event is complimentary to everyone who registers (Feel free to share!)
  • Everyone registered will also receive a special offer to continue with the monthly Sacred Healing Circle going forward.

Click here to join!

Oceans of blessings,

Be My Guest in Ceremony

Rituals and ceremonies are beneficial in clearing our minds, our energy fields, and connecting deeper with ourselves and others.
Most of us are brought up to associate ceremony with big life events:  weddings, births, deaths, etc.
Rituals provide meaning and make those experiences memorable.
Ceremony comes in many forms and sizes.  They are simply rituals where we connect a certain feeling of significance.
Even the smallest of rituals can be effective in changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Having a cup of coffee, meditating, moving our bodies, saying prayers, picking a flower and putting it in the windowsill, calling a parent, tucking a child into bed, meeting up for a family reunion, or gathering under the Full Moon which is a great time to reflect on forgiving ourselves and others.
When ceremony becomes a way of life, it can bring a sense of lightness, enjoyment and peace.
I’ve really been called to invite more people into ceremony for quite a while now.
I believe we need more people that are in touch with their inner guidance and intuition.  Individuals that live from a place of clarity, so they have a sense of empowerment in their lives to do the things that they are being called to do. 
Because of this, I’m so excited to announce the date for the Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle where we will gather monthly.
I want to issue a special complimentary invitation for you to join me as my guest in ceremony.

I will be guiding you through an experience using my 5 Principles of Healing.

  • Thursday, May 19th @ 1:00 pm (EST)
  • Via Zoom (live)
  • There will be a replay to enjoy if you can’t make it live
  • This first event is complimentary to everyone who registers (Feel free to share!)
  • Everyone registered will also receive a special offer to continue with the monthly Sacred Healing Circle going forward.

I would be BEYOND honored for you to join me!
Click here to join me for the Opening Ceremony of my Sacred Healing Circle 
Oceans of blessings,

A Time to Renew & Refresh

Spring has arrived! 

This season represents new beginnings, fresh starts, and an opportunity for new growth.

Spring adds new life and new joy to all that is. It’s a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.
Most of us have been experiencing a lot of emotions. We are navigating many changes in our internal lives and witnessing uncertainty in the world around us.
Now is a great time to check in with yourself and see what areas of your life could use a boost of energy.

Here are some ways to renew and refresh:

Spend time in nature

Practice gratitude


Listen to music

Follow your dreams

Create *Create * Create

Look up at the stars

Immerse yourself in good company

Process old emotions

Shift limiting beliefs

Heal your heart


The Grotto ~ One of my favorite places to renew and refresh 
Happy Spring and Many Blessings,

This one question could change your life

I always pay attention to the first thing that I hear upon awakening in the morning.
Waking up from a deep slumber, a dream state or just the act of being quiet for a long period of time brings things up from the unconscious.
With all the noise that we have going on around us on a day-to-day basis, I have learned to cherish this special time.
I love receiving messages (aka downloads:-) from my intuition, inner guidance system, higher self and/or my angels and guides.
Sometimes I just hear…..
drink more water
take a long nap
reach out to this person
write about this

Today it came as a question…
“What is one thing that could change everything?” 
It stopped me for a long moment. It felt big, and profound, and a little scary and also very helpful.
I grabbed my cup of cacao and journal and sat in silence to “listen.”
I invite you to join me and ask yourself:
“What is one thing that could change everything?” 

It very possibly could change your life!
Embracing change,


What does it mean to be a healer?

A Shaman
An Energy Healer
A Light Worker
An Empath
An Earth Angel
An Intuitive
A Reiki Master
A Kind person with an Open heart
A Good Listener
A Growth Seeking Being
A Human Being
What a healer means to me is someone that is committed to growth… a person I refer to as a growth seeking being. Someone that is interested in shining some light on the darker places in their lives. Turning their traumas, dramas, uncomfortable and challenging life experiences into rocket fuel.  They often self-reflect, immerse themselves in different healing containers, they are willing to do the hard work. In many instances, they just can’t help themselves.  It is a part of who they are.
I am one of those people. At times, when the going gets tough, I sigh and say “I just want to coast for a while.”  A therapist I worked with several decades ago said to me “Melanie, you need to take coasting out of your vocabulary.  It’s just who you are. There is no “off switch” to seeking”.
Leonard Cohen said it best, “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.”
I believe that “healers” are willing to let the light in.  They have courage to shine the light on their shadow, the so-called dark places, so that their path can be illuminated. We’ve heard this many times but it still holds true, “you have to feel it to heal it.”
Healers use this energy to propel them forward in life and to gain more compassion and understanding for other human beings.  In living from this place of tending to their inner world, their outer world and circumstances change.  Often you can change everything around you by doing the “inner work.”
In my Intuitive Energy Healing practice, I “see” the healer in people ALL the time.  I can also “feel” the healer in someone upon our first meeting.
They are teachers, massage therapists, coaches, psychotherapists, lawyers, waiters and waitresses, jewelry designers, nurses, doctors, car mechanics, corporate leaders, writers, painters, landscapers, bagel shop owners, estheticians, barista’s, financial planners, dog groomers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc. 
They are YOU!
Just as I believe we all have the ability to tap into our intuition, the same goes with the healer within each of us. 
When I first ask people how they feel about being a healer, they often get quiet and feel a little shy.

I have mentored quite a few of my clients that have ventured out on their own and crossed the bridge from the corporate world to creating their own healing practice. They were able to uncover what had been standing in their way, they got curious and opened up to the idea that perhaps they had a bigger calling.
And others were elated with the feeling of openness in their bodies and minds and enjoyed “being a healer”  by modeling kindness and having compassion to others around them.
Now is the time to access the healer within. To shine some light into the cracks of our lives.
By doing so, we not only heal ourselves, but the collective as well.
What does it mean to you to be a healer?  I’d love to know!💓
Oceans of love,
Today is such an auspicious day!  2-22-22!  I didn’t think about the synchronicity of this day until I started writing my newsletter.  My parents eloped as teenagers with me in utero, 62 years ago today.  One of my most powerful healing journeys has been shining light on my fear of being seen.  I will tell this story another time.  Thank you Mom and Dad for following your hearts and giving birth to me!

Leaning Into Support-An Act Of Love

 I have always loved the month of February. 

 It is the month of cold weather and all things hearts💓💓💓.

 It’s the time of year where I check in with myself and see what needs to come back into balance and what I need to align with in order to live the life I deeply desire.

 It’s a reminder for me to “listen” to how I expend my energy and “feel” into ways that are more nurturing and honoring to my body, mind and spirit.
I ask myself these questions:
How do I feel in my body?
Where do I need to course correct so I have my back around my commitments?
Am I having fun?
Taking time off?
What could bring me more joy?
Am I allowing myself to receive?
Am I connecting with family, friends, and colleagues?
After the sudden passing of my beloved brother, I just KNEW that I could not move forward or survive this profound loss alone. Grief can be VERY isolating. I decided to dig deep and put myself in places where I could not only receive support but build community.
I joined a grief group via zoom, a membership community I resonated with, reached out to my closest friends, had regular visits with my therapist and made a commitment to myself that I would not go it alone.
It was not my natural tendency to immerse myself in groups or put myself in vulnerable situations. It was an act of self-love.
I grew up feeling unsafe to share my feelings or be seen. When I reflect back, I realize I tried to figure everything out myself, When I was 10 years old and my parents were going through a divorce, I would walk across the street and spend hours laying on the ground in the pine needles attempting to soothe myself. 
What happened instead, is I held the confusion, despair, sadness, uncertainty and panic in my body. This energy stayed with me and created imprinting and neuropathways from which I operated my daily life for years/decades (more on imprinting later.)
This is one of the reasons I feel I was drawn to specialize in releasing trauma from the body in my Intuitive Energy Healing practice. 
Leaning into and receiving support has cracked my heart open. It has been an act of self- love that helped me emerge from the darkness.
I hear from my clients every day in my healing sessions how much fear, grief, sadness, uncertainty and loneliness they have been experiencing during these trying times. 
We have ALL had so many challenges and much change these past few years.
We not only have the opportunity to heal ourselves, but in doing so, we also help heal the collective.
Now, more than ever we need to lean into each other.

I’d love to hear where you lean into support and how you are going to love yourself deeper💖
Just hit reply and let me know!
Oceans of love,




I see this number ALL the time! 

When I do, I know that it is a sign for me to stop, take a deep breath, pay attention to my thoughts and bring myself back to the present moment.  (I kid you NOT!  I just typed this sentence and saw 11:11 on the clock!)  I guess I am moving in the right direction.

Do YOU ever see repetitive numbers?  Hear a certain song over and over again?
Has someone said something to you at the perfect time and you’re like “Wow!  I really needed to hear that today!”  You read something and think “that was written just for me”.

Or you’re sitting at a stoplight and the license plate or bumper sticker speaks to you?
I saw this while driving home from my Mom’s last week.
I was rushing around and this stopped me long enough to pause and shift.
The brake lights above the sticker was an extra special touch!
I have always been drawn to live my life in a way where I look for external signs and synchronicities and get super excited when I experience these events.  I have fun living my life this way.  I believe they show me that I am on the right track.  A confirmation of my inner guidance and intuition, nudging me forward on my path.

Synchronicity is a concept that was first described by psychoanalyst Carl Jung.  He described this phenomenon as “events appearing meaningfully related despite no casual connection.”
It’s a sense that things in life are “aligning” or moving in a positive direction.
When I was younger, I often felt different. In my teens, my friends would call me “Hippie Chick” and later on “Woo Woo Woman”. I used to hide this part of myself.  The part of me that has always been fascinated with signs and synchronicities from the Universe (feel free to replace this with whatever resonates with you). 
Now it is my way of life.
It’s that time of year where most of us are hitting the reset button. Making goals around food, moving our bodies, releasing old habits and creating new ones.
We are inclined to create BIG plans and have BIG ambitions for ourselves and wrap our minds around new ways of being.  The calendars come out and the “to do” list grows.
Getting a clear picture of how we want to live a more joy filled and heart centered life, and setting intentions is very important.
It’s also meaningful (and magical) to make space for and open yourself up to possibilities that have yet to be shown to you.
As Rumi said,  “What you seek is seeking you.”
How do we align with the magic of the Divine?
How can you live from a place of feeling a sense that everything is in order and the
Universe is looking out for you?
*Get still and silent
* Meditate
*Take care of your energy (eat right, sleep right)
*Spend time in nature
*Practice living in the moment
*Connect with your intuition/inner knowing
*Listen to your body
*Ask to be shown a sign that you are on the right track/path
*Pay attention
*Look for the connections
*Keep a journal
When you’re connected intuitively, you’re better able to sense when something is a sign or synchronicity and what the message may be for you.
Wishing you a joyful, magical and synchronistic year ahead!

Save the date!  Saturday, March 19th ~ Sacred Healing Circle with Me

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