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The Gift of Connected, Courageous Conversations

I’ve learned throughout the years that what’s happening in my outside world, is often (if not always), a reflection of what’s going on in my inner life.

I’ve also learned to pay attention to the messages and reflect on the lessons being offered.  In the past, if I haven’t listened, I was presented with an even bigger lesson, warning sign or wake up call.  It’s not always a 2×4 knock over the head, but often the consequences are greater and require a bigger “recovery period.”


Getting Back to Joy

I haven’t been home on a weekend in almost three months. Traveling to Minnesota, Norway, Chicago with side trips in between.  All of it really great stuff….just a lot of it.
I had intended to write a blog about traveling to Norway and my ancestral lineage, but it was coming out in bits and pieces and just wouldn’t flow.  I played with my resistance, got comfortable with my discomfort and then realized I was in my old pattern of pushing.  Instead of writing my blog and having it be fun, it felt like a “project.”  So, I consciously made the decision to abandon my “project” and lean into the tools that I teach ~ Soul Play.

Staying Open Hearted In The Eye Of A Storm

I’m sending out a quick note to say hello and let you know that I’ve been thinking of you and holding you in my heart.
I had planned on sending out my monthly newsletter several weeks ago but Mother Nature had other plans for me.  Hurricane Irma came barreling through my home state of Florida.  Although I feel very fortunate to still have my house, the energetic chaos that occured is undeniable.  I am still in the process of getting back to center.
Not only was there Hurricane Irma…but Harvey and Maria, an earthquake in Mexico, fires in California and the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Whether or not you were directly affected by any of these tragedies, I believe, as humans, collectively we are. We are just wired that way.
My heart goes out to those who have been personally impacted. And even if you haven’t been directly affected, I sense that this feeling of fear and being unsettled may be touching you too.
So how does one stay calm in the eye of a storm?  How do we dig deeper to stay positive or rested or grounded? How does one regroup when suddenly, in the blink of an eye, everything looks different on the outside?
If there was ever a time to lean into Soul Play  ~ this is it.
Finding a way to keep our hearts open and stand united is a huge part of Soul Play.
Getting support through the feelings of grief and fear and finding a way to take better care of myself enables me to be there for other people.
I feel like these are the times when I have to dig really deep in the spirit of Soul Play.  I create the space for love, compassion, companionship, support, and staying present.  Whether it’s donating to a relief fund, hugging someone you love and telling them that you love them or simply making eye contact with a stranger or offering someone a smile. Heaven knows we could all use some sort of support in weathering these storms of life.
Here’s a few suggestions of how to keep an open heart along the way through Soul Play:
*  Breathe into your body to stay in the present moment
*  Allow yourself to feel your feelings
Reach out to support another and lean in to support yourself
*  Tell the people you love that you love them
*  Practice self-care by tending to and grounding yourself
*  Stay open to possibilities
I invite you to practice one or more of the above suggestions or create your own version of open-hearted Soul Play.
With love and an open heart,
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Traveling with Soul Play  ~ Igniting Your Inner Adventurer 

When I graduated from high school many moons ago, the most popular jobs for a woman were that of a court room reporter, a nurse, a teacher or a flight attendant (aka a stewardess back then).
Being a flight attendant was quite glamorous back in the day (it has many perks today as well). Although I loved to type, teach, care for people and travel, none of those positions was the path I chose.


Riding The Waves

I’m Curious, have you been experiencing this too?
One of the many things I continue to find fascinating about my work is there is always a running theme with my clients and myself included.  For example, if someone is challenged with speaking up, it shows up as a core issue for most everyone that month…or perhaps people are digging deeper to feel more joy and purpose in their work.  They are grateful for their job but something is missing.  I see very clearly how we are all “working on” (or as I say “playing with”) similar challenges in our lives in different ways.
Most recently the theme has been one of inner conflict.  I will use myself as an example.  Part of me wants to do this…another part of me wants to do that.  Something feels good but there is still a feeling of being on the fence or torn.  I have a deep desire to free myself of some habit or belief and yet I am also hanging on for dear life.

June’s Juicy Story

Wow!  How time flies!
It’s that time of year. Tomorrow is officially Summer Solstice and the first day of summer.  With this new season comes new energy AND more time to play!
School’s out for the summer
The days are long and steamy
There is a feeling of spaciousness
There is a sense of freedom and adventure


The Healing Power of Soul Play

Yesterday afternoon, my client and I were going over specific invitations (guidance) that came through during her Soul Play 1:1 Healing Session. These invitations are organically designed to continue the healing process in one’s day to day life.  My client said to me “Anytime you mention the word “play” I have a physical reaction in my body. Play just feels foreign to me and I can only remember and feel good about it when I look at certain childhood photos.”
Sadly, she is not alone.  So many of us have forgotten what it’s like to actually play and feel the freedom to do so. Can you relate?  In many ways society conditions play out of us.  We are often taught it can’t be all about you, follow the rules, don’t be too much, don’t ask for too much, be good, do it the right way and all of the shoulds and coulds.


What Makes Your Heart & Soul Sing with Delight?

It’s that time of year….Spring is in the air!  The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming.  It’s as if all of nature is delighted to emerge after a long slumber.  Springtime is delightful!  It is a time of rebirth, new beginnings and new growth.
I was blessed to spend Easter weekend with an “almost 5 year old.” (He told the lady at the grocery store that he is “technically 4”). Being in the presence of a child always teaches me about living in the present moment.  I was excited to see the delight in Michael’s face when he would spot a squirrel in the park as he ran from one huge oak tree to another.  Or making up imaginary games on the spot.  When he scored a goal for his soccer team or when he found the golden egg in his Bibi’s back yard during the annual Easter egg hunt.  His sound of sheer delight made my heart sing!


Soul Refreshment

It’s been a challenging 6 weeks….I’ve found myself having to do things that I resist because they’re really not that fun for me. Taking care of tax stuff, calling around and shopping for health insurance, refinancing my condo and the learning curve that comes with the process. I’m glad I persevered because the process was actually empowering. I didn’t give up, I asked for and got the support I needed, and it was refreshing to stay centered and in flow throughout the projects.
The icing on the cake was when I received a call from one of my best friends from middle school. Her Dad just had a massive stroke. This man was such a big influence in my life and like a second father to me. Suddenly everything started whirling around and I found myself in between two worlds ~ one foot in real life and the other holding space for someone I cared about whose life in physical form was coming to an end.


 Love and Life  ~ An Interview with Myself                                  

I’ve always loved the month of February.  Perhaps it’s because I’m fond of heart shaped objects? Or that it’s the season of love?  There’s just something about this time that inspires me to take a look at the love in my life.
I feel so blessed to have a partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, yet what truly makes this month special for me is I’m inspired to revisit and reignite my practices of self love.  I feel drawn to deepen my awareness of how I show up for myself on a day-to-day basis, with those I love, and what I choose to shower with love (my work, my relationships, my home, etc.).


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